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Hysterical and detailed! The chemistry between the hosts is great! Very detailed in the breakdown of Sci-FI! It’s a must add if you like film and fiction!


Not enough kids podcast out there and this is a good great work.

Show is great!

Great podcast with an engaging host, must listen!


This show has great perspective. I don’t have kids myself but for anyone that does and is in the geek world, this show is for you. Even if you don’t have kids, GIVE THIS SHOW A LISTEN!!! Good banter on all things geek!

Geek without a kid

I also don’t have kids, but the info’s hilarious and I’m passing it on to my bro (who does)

They really are geeks with kids

I joined on Ep84, "May the Fourth", on recommendation from a friend. I was not disappointed. The hosts are definitely geeks, but not pretentious or arrogant. The kind of geeks you want to share a beer with and banter about all things geeky. The show was entertaining, they stayed mostly on topic, and didn't have too many asides that derailed the conversation. It had a fairly polished feel to it and I appreciated that. My only suggestion is that they include an introduction/background segment early on so they players are identified - coming in so late to the show I was clueless about who these guys were and they didn't stop to tell me. It's a good problem to have - but they might want to consider new listeners like myself who come in at a later episode. Last thought, it was obvious at least one host had joined via telepresence and no amount of postprocessing coudl edit out the poor audio as a result. It did not detract my the show, but it was noticable. All told, I'm a fan and am now a subscriber.


as a geek and a parent... i totally love this. give them a listen and be one with like minded people -the gory gals of the Color Me Dead Podcast

A how to for the rest of us

I don't have kids yet, but I'm a lifelong geek, so this is great information for later in life. Plus, it's entertaining, so, win-win.