July 15, 2020

143 - The Pod Turned Upside Down

143 - The Pod Turned Upside Down
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How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scottsman... ...grow up to be a hero and a scholar?

Lin-Manuel Miranda's international hit Hamilton: An American Musical has finally hit Disney+, and so the geeks have gathered to pop on their musical theatre hats to talk about the show.

Join Matt, Erik, Schaus, Hawk, and returning special guest Markus as they talk about Hamilton.

What did they think about the pro-shot #HamilFilm? Did they have any issues with the show? What are their favourite numbers? And what do they think about the accessibility of theatre during these COVID times?

Find out on Geeks with Kids.

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Check out our buddy Markus' work!

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