June 3, 2021

Deraleth & Ellic join the Gnome Depot | Dead Ice | Campaign 1: Episode 1

Deraleth & Ellic join the Gnome Depot | Dead Ice | Campaign 1: Episode 1

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After a long and arduous battle with a vampire, the cleric of Tempest Deraleth Fel fulfills his promise to Ellic by accompanying him to capture a red dragon. Joining the adventurers are an impetuous trio of gnomes - Schatters Tempusneblin, Tai Vemana, and Finnigan Luckysong. The party barely gets their bearings when danger approaches...




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you guys actually i should give all you red borders hey i mean yeah accurate but looks more brown than red good why would you encourage this

because it's fun all right shirts this is gonna be extra confusing because i'll be like uh we got three gnomes so three gnomes have been hired by alec to accompany uh Deraleth himself on this journey uh and if you survive you will be paid 100 gold

good job simple go to a mountain defeat a dragon do not under any circumstance kill it which means if it is about to if it is near death do not use a ranged attack against it and do not use a spell attack against it because you can only knock something out if you use a melee attack a coup de gras you do not get paid if you kill the dragon making this job even more difficult uh it's fine it's fine well you had us create different characters so now we emotionally don't care about this dragon well you also didn't your other characters didn't come do this no we were emotionally connected to the dragon one we are i put him in my ally she's in my allies she is my ally morally we didn't want to do it so you're like great also not from a non-moral perspective um i did say that i wanted to finish my language classes first and i like to want to wait like i could go on an adventure and fight a dragon or i could learn french exactly it's very helpful in our country it is very useful i'll turn my other light off real quick uh are we live yet or not we are live the whole time i literally didn't know i've just been like

on the chat yet because i just saw him outside where i'm at i remember you were talking about like the pre-show but that was about it oh i said we're live after that chatters finnegan and thai wait wasn't richard's character named finnegan his own character

okay uh i should probably get up like dragon stats and i'm going to get my green knight dice

is it i gotta see oh god i need a copy of that pdf so bad avoid the green knight yeah do you want me to scan it no okay i need i just need to know what the rule set is well um

let me open it up wait so you're saying that we can't kill this thing that's right don't just disable it the mission is to is to capture it i'm pretty sure the tempest says that if you defeat your enemy you're supposed to kill him

yeah listen i'm just saying i have been learning at the temple of tempest for some time and and i am trying to follow his sister i'm trying to follow his teachings to the best of my ability and i believe that in order to truly ascend through the ranks of the temple of tempest i must kill this dragon

you know what they say a battle death is a sad ending no that don't yeah it sounds about right that reminds me um yeah uh so you were saying how like um with uh the whole like uh what was i doing hanging out at those churches right and you said you instead of um whatever getting favors um from from the church yeah yeah is that is that still okay i've already got i've got the i've got it written down okay okay but um initially when i did it with tempest i also rolled quite high um are we gonna keep that as favors or can i also uh convert those to you want to convert those into uh god bucks yeah yeah yeah yeah i'm all about the the doge yeah you're gorge you're you're you're a cleric of tempest huh yeah that's what they told me i'm i'm focused on my back um he's focused on the other side of death if that's if that's not cool that's fine but it's good you know it's good we might need it which i will switch your uh so instead of having a favor with

oh no it doesn't matter like it's just i rolled really high for both of them so i wasn't sure if i could like no it's like people i just go down to the bottom derelict concordance with tier derelict concordance with tempest

good news good news everyone i don't think i have concordance for anything else no

like it affects his concordance yeah and actually didn't i actually screw it up like i tried with um yeah uh colembo and i think i made it worse right not necessarily sometimes just nothing happens right um but your concordance is affected every time you do tap into it everybody ask your god for a favor right yeah it's gonna like if you ask too much they get uh they get pissed yeah well i only did it i only did it the once with palembo and then also the ones with um entropy or whatever i don't know if that actually happened uh nothing well i know what happened yeah um don't forget everybody make sure your characters had a long rest all your spells are prepared and everything like that yep um okay that's gonna

i mean i'll let you know right here sir mr dareless i'll let you know right now was it uh you see we're part of something that's known as gnome depot you know i don't like that name we prefer the group name gnome is where the heart is you we talked about this we also have another name

which you can tell them

i'm working on it okay okay i'm working on it chatters is working on it but anyway you can come to the gnome depot and you can request us for a variety of quests and tasks there's some rules but overall what you see is what you get with downs

scruffy don't care this is going to be a real problem because i haven't like i have a natural instinct to try and mimic all the accents that come at me and there's too many accents oh no that's right i can't open the tonic so i'm just gonna do straight gin tonight oh god oh that doesn't have a

i need a map with a oh classic bingo got it okay

create new

oh i put these in the wrong when did that happen yeah we're gonna do that

nope now i'm deep dave there we go nope how did everyone move around what me and on the stream yep oops if somebody's think dropped there we go wait did i drop can you hear me no no you guys are good oh thank god this is a specific yeah let's do one of those and then like what is the difference between this and that if you tilt your camera down a wee bit you want me to tilt my camera down

show them the tell them this carefully you're fine this is what the people want the food

what is the difference between the same that is higher armor class okay oh that doesn't sound good this is multi-attack but the same cr that's interesting

and let's get two of those going

yeah that's good okay

where'd my map go where did that i put that on oh it's just tiny that's the problem okay great i can't believe y'all made me be more charismatic than my character truly is i was like my character won't talk and it's like where did you guys come from i got a plus one charisma what what do you got christmas i should have talked it's a minus one whoo i did that i just felt like talking needed to happen there i'm all done my work so now i can fully focus sorry no no not at all there's a whole issue that occurred all right let's make these fit this board

oh look how big we are oh give me sorry we're a bunch of tiny little gnomes because you need to know how to fight together you have to have a test encounter on the way to the real fight oh yes very good you are on your way to the spine of the world mountains from mirabar it is early spring the mountain runoff is real uh you're on a path you are taking a nice rest in an abandoned homestead everybody you can snuggle up i you know i don't know where you want to be but

uh i believe that tempest once said the person closest to the door is the strongest of them all so death store

the door not the store sounds about right

i feel like when you have someone close to the door it's because you know they're strong enough to open it assuming it's locked or they're smart nothing stealthy enough like me and they pull out their lock well there's only one way to always turn up never sometimes turn away from a fight and that is to be prepared for the fight dang i gotta start writing these down you don't need to write them down these are all the dogma of tempest i've been learning it for like a year and a half now okay as you are exiting which is the encounter that's the encounter why doesn't that one have

why doesn't that have a token wherein i like how colorful our characters are it's like on account of pride here we go

i should have put that flag on mine this they didn't announce it until after we already made them i did just make mine but yeah i just made mine too i didn't see the option i feel like [ __ ] oh that's a lot of stuff showing up it's two things that's three things so as someone who doesn't have magic in his normal character how do cantrips and spells work candidates are infinite infinites are infinite spells are always good go ahead okay so spells depending on what level you have you have a certain amount of slots so that's how many times you can use a spell at that level before you sleep is that and that's one reason you run out of energy at that level and then you have to sleep and get it back okay fancy and magic makes no sense so you have to like hit the little check box when you use like a leveled spell otherwise can trips are infinite it's like the whole spoons thing for talking about like mental health and how much energy you have you know it's like how many you can do in a day but i prefer i don't have spoons in my brain how dare you exactly but that's part of it yeah sorry today i chose to either shower or brush my teeth and that was two like two level spills and i'm wiped out that sort of thing

that makes a lot of sense a fifth level spell other people could do jesus christ what the [ __ ] is that jesus christ here oh it's above all right there is an ambush waiting for you i'm not gonna like it's not gonna be like uh we're just we're not gonna they're not gonna get a free attack or anything we're just gonna do straight jump in but they're like they're waiting for you you're like i wonder maybe if we wake them up to leave it doesn't matter it's gonna happen um what are they i rolled mine knowles are hyena like like kind of people they have a high in their heads and like humanoid hands and yeah uh how many of these are there one two three four great um whoa

okay so i'm going to reiterate my original reaction

i thought that was kobolds uh they all yip

don't wait up anymore because now they're uh dragon people anyway why doesn't everybody go ahead and roll initiative form what are these sorry these are these are nulls they're hyena people yeah they're pretty classic in the dnd they haven't been changed over the years oh wonder worship

so i got i rolled a one so i got three shatters got a good one because i'm sending us the door and i have to look at your roles in dnd beyond because i don't know each of your character names okay i okay what'd you get i got 20. 20. you're finn again right and ty is hi i'm finnegan it's britney brittany what would you get an initiative i had to leave to take a bug outside so i don't know what we just did i need this roller initiative okay cool hold on a minute 15 plus do i have a plus let's see 18 18. that's pretty good it is yeah sorry i was putting these in the wrong one because i have two encounters ready to go derelict on the way back i grabbed french fries from the fridge [ __ ] yeah french fries ty sorry what was britney's 18 18. okay great start combat my body is ready i hope so uh finnegan there are hyena men at the door are there different are like i yes okay these are actual hyenas okay this is presumably the bleeder it's a larger female um you can tell because it's a mammal and it has teats um and then these four are males

i am going to uh unleash vicious mockery on that one with the sword okay the pack leader sounds

wisdom a wisdom scene i guess it makes sense it's not about being whether or not you're nice it's about whether or not you're smart enough to withstand the psychological torture but cr but charisma is your uh supposed to be your force of will is part of yeah it's like your yo mama strength i mean it's so weird because they're like wisdom is will saves but also charisma is your literal will uh okay uh force of personality anyway rule the three plus whatever's not enough so what it happens uh i from the scene but my d4 does to it

uh a one a one and that you unleash a string of insults laced with subtle enchantments at a creature you see within range

ah your mother was uh oh let's see your mother was a handle your father was a snow blower and you're a bum yes um so that's the damage d4 then which was one it's like one could have made fun of their hyena laugh or something oh that's your camera right vicious mockery you can do it now they have disadvantages don't they uh it must succeed with some saving throw or take one d4 psychic damage and have disadvantage on their nest attack roll okay yeah so they took one damage and now disadvantage on their next attack roll duh dude your sword is small damn i told the total

went right for the ego there ben was gonna say

you gave it the d eric well done

uh i want the color to be just gonna insult all of these all the time sounds good to me oh there's what i'm looking for oh you're a [ __ ] we'll make it bright there we go the d stands for disadvantage you look like a real egypt

all right one damage and disadvantage uh okay uh this wall will be considered like half cover okay so it's a bonus to your ac but i'll just i'll just subtract from their attack roll okay uh cause so you guys don't have to remember i'll just remember uh shatters there are nose at the door knocking knows at the door i yank my hand axe and my warhammer off my back and i scream with full confidence knowles are cool but tempest might fall

and i am gonna boot it and try and i think the only one i can get close to is the um the hyena yeah the hyena which one's you this one uh the hat to the left one yeah put them right there yeah perfect are you gonna get behind you know them

maybe uh so i'm gonna hit it uh one-handed with this warhammer oh i would have rage i i would that was my second rage got it there was action rage i would like to rage well that is a critical failure trying to hit it with the warhammer is unfortunate yeah how many bonus actions do i get per turn one damn it you get one what kind of barbarian are you path of the zealot ooh that's a fun one somebody doesn't want their character to stay dead if they die well wasn't it appropriate i i literally thought about as i was making this character he's an acolyte of the tempest and he follows that i thought about it uh and if only i had rolled nada one i rolled damage i just realized 1v8 plus i no no i that was what i didn't roll a d20 i rolled a d8 oh yeah because you roll damage instead of the uh yeah attack roll maybe okay yeah yeah because you rolled not a d uh 20. can i roll an 11 uh 11 just hits a hyena actually brilliant okay don't forget to add your rage damage you are a barbarian i will add a rage damn oh plus oh i know why you okay i know what you're doing you did you made a two weapon fighter barbarian because you get the rage damage on both attacks which is a good strategy actually i didn't do that intentionally i just saw when i was reading after i read the character because you automatically get two up and fighting i love it how do you automatically get to inviting um i got it with there was a property that it came with i didn't i did not add it to my thing it came with something

bonus actions actions in combat yes oh yeah you can always use a bonus action to attack with your offhand if the both weapons are light oh oh well the handout oh if both weapons i thought it was just with a with a light i'm gonna change your warhammer to a light hammer for you real quick

no i just won't i just hit it i'll just i'll just wield just a warhammer with two heads then so you want to do a d10 with it then yeah yeah anybody can do two up in fighting as long as they have two okay uh so that's 10 plus two though because i'm raging so it's 12. it would be wouldn't it be nice if it auto added it well it seems weird that it would allow it would do all the stuff but it wouldn't add rage as like a condition especially if you can click a rage button yeah

um yeah it's weird anyways uh yeah so it's 12 damage to the hyena nice and uh yeah you you gave it skullen with your warhammer and i let firth a blood-curdling scream in tempus that one sounds correct good job um now the nulls go

and they're gonna walk up with their spears well these ones are gonna walk up with their spears they're gonna stab at you seems rude uh but you're a barbarian this is your job uh that's a six to hit that's gonna miss and that's a 14 does 14 hit uh my arm class is 14. okay so uh let's see one d6

for uh seven damage have to three because you're raging i was going to say yep uh the other two knolls are gonna one's gonna shoot a longbow at derrala fell oh that's actually not bad that's a 19 dropping it to a 15 does 15 hit there oh he's not here right now i'll see you i don't think he's there he absolutely doesn't hit him he's got an 18 ac plus he's got because his shield and stuff okay cool steve um the other one is gonna shoot at uh well gnomes are really really short and hard to hit and alec is incredibly stealthy so we'll shoot at uh the barbarian again uh that's an 18 on the die so that's gonna hit this is a long bow though so this is a d8

we call those dates dates uh four actually this only that's still 21 to hit uh that's only for three damage so i have to one for me yes uh alec is in range i forget what kind of ranger he is what is his no natural explorer fighting style one of them tried to hit you dearly but don't worry he didn't and then they hit me oh but i'm fine i'm very mad about it

i just screamed louder it's great nice actually because you're behind the wall it's arrow would have struck the wall nice uh because it would have hit otherwise slayers pray right what is his oh he's a right right

he's a monster slayer that's what kind of ranger is okay cool uh 100 slayer spray the bonus actually just because you can see within 60 feet if you hit it it takes an extra d6 damage cool so he's going to designate that as a slayer's prey and then he's going to throw his dagger at it because it's within

20 feet perfect within 15 feet

oh 19 on the die uh his dagger explodes out into three pieces

where's my d4 as it does there's a d4 oh no am i missing a d4 no there's the other one there's hard to see in the dark okay that's first hit how many how many attacks does he normally have

three he does so he actually the because his wet his dagger breaks into different parts so when he attacks he gets an extra attack smaller fragments uh the original size and then the end of the turn when you make an attack when you take the attack action make an additional attack as a part of that action great features and traits class features he has fighting styles extra attack twice yes so four of these uh that's a hit that's a 16 that's a 22. okay so four hits with the dagger

four plus d6 why am i playing the most complicated character

it's just warming up that's uh the first strike is 12 damage the second strike is 10 damage the third strike is 10 damage and the fourth strike is 10 my god it's a lot of force 10 damage so what do i say 10 10 12. like like something around 40 damage uh so he throws his dagger and it splits into four pieces uh and gets it just in the chest just four four in the chest and then reappears in his hand because he's super cool uh the honey is dead

comes over to attack the barbarian i'm pretty sure a ten's gonna miss the barbarian it does miss the barbarian uh and derelict fell it's your turn okay um i'm going to shoot a eldritch blast at the closest one the one that's closest yeah i'll do that all right let's do it roll it oh nine uh

sorry what was that

the robot has no other actions one creature you can see within 30 feet because his reaction to make an attack ooh i'm gonna use that oh that's an action oh we can also do that cool let's go inside rampage oh no and that knoll next to the barbarian is gonna attack and i rolled 15 plus oh yeah he hit me i got a 14 for my armor class so that's spear spear so they have spears and shields by the way uh for four damage to two because your rage uh and then it makes two attacks with its longbow hmm uh we're gonna shoot it dearly fell that's 15 that's gonna miss yes uh it get an opportunity attack because it's right next to me shooting no no it's this one's the this one here the leader it is just advantage on its attack roll actually so it's last attack is still a miss so it no longer has disadvantage quick girl more yo mama jokes at it

i shall that's not what i want to do i want to remove this thing

uh and we are back to finnegan lucky song oh i will i will uh her more insults had uh the the fella with the sword okay wait i never went oh where are you i rolled in 18. i've been like literally this whole time i'm like wow all the nulls rolled around you're after shatters your third initiative but i'm redoing no no because i'm first right let uh let let brittany i'm rolling to save anyway um brittany what do you got well i guess i'll move so i'm i'll go let me see

uh i guess through that like little doorway and over to the side almost at the entrance but so i'm still in cover oh like here yes okay and then i'll use my short bow to attack

the character who are you shooting i'm gonna shoot the closest hyena okay so the one that's next to not bambi shatters there you go i was like the name i got you shatters shatters just do this fancy roll in d beyond thing because one hell yeah roll my d20 to see if it hits

self send to everyone there we go ooh that's pretty so i rolled a 17 to hit 17 is absolutely gonna hit yeah i didn't do the plus anything but it would be 22.

uh how much damage uh as your arrow sinks deep into its haunches

sharper is a d6 plus your decks yeah it my arrows i just realized my short bow for some reason isn't in here even though i have it where do they go they just have my psychic blades yeah anyway i'll do the two things and then i'll add that to the next round how much damage i'm rolling

i rolled a six and i don't know what the plus plus your dexterity is three so nine damage so uh your arrow okay so it's true and that noel is the dead uh you don't have any equipment that would be why you don't have a bow well it's weird because i i loaded all my equipment there's a button you have to hit that says add at the end if you just choose it all and then don't hit that button it doesn't actually add anything or you actually might have it in your inventory but then you also have to actually equip it yeah there's nothing enticing oh really oh yeah it's okay i'll just redo it i probably forgot to hit add um shatters because oh sorry finnegan uh i rolled the net 20 on on your save against all day yeah it's a great spell when it works

um uh did you want to move anywhere if anything no i'm i i i just peeked over to the corner one

that was my shadow what do you got you got two knolls in front of you

now would be a good time to tune up and fight but

uh it would be but i am just going to scream at the exact wrong time tempest thanks and uh smash the knoll that's above

know know that's okay yeah for an 11. uh 11 does not hit a knoll with a shield oh wait do i get something no i don't do any plus two oh no plus two melee damage um i just howl in fury that i can't like that i'm [ __ ] i'm just swinging wildly trying to hit him hey don't forget you killed that no uh hyena last turn i mean

it's good okay everything's good on my character sheet now okay yeah um well i mean it's okay because i i took damage so it's not like i'm gonna get out of my race um are you going to stand there or did you want to move around i don't think i could move without getting hit if you back off they'll attack you but you can push forward

yeah these three in the back line have bows out so they'll have to switch weapons if you walk up to them because if they shoot with their bow they'll have disadvantage yeah i'm actually going to do something for i'm going to do something reckless and i am going to swing down and over one so that way i am between the knoll and like the knoll like yeah and i understand i will incur an opportunity yeah don't worry i rolled the seven hell yeah yeah it reaches out with its spear and you don't carry your beers you get them little feet and you just yeah

and i smile and say

uh tempest thanks you

yeah uh ty it is your turn again i wish you would start like uh quoting tempest like shakespeare just like random stuff but do it wrong tempest like how dare you yeah tempest to be clear if i so i i found a bunch of like quotes that are like like common sayings if i had any sort of like if there were any sort of like fake books written about tempest i would use those immediately

the parables of tempest oh man i would um there's uh there's a thing on dm's guild which is just like i think a thousand random books in the forgotten realms or something like that and i've thought about picking it up because like i usually pull from um the books from bathurst gate because they're all very popular books and they're mostly about like gods and stuff like that anyway yeah or like the history of uh

uh different uh kingdoms is steve frozen no no

i was about to say i'm going to use my short bow i just want to let you guys finish talking okay uh who do you want to shoot um i'm gonna shoot that noli right ahead of me okay straight ahead

so it's gonna be a nine to hit nine the arrow sinks into a shield no working as intended

um as a bonus action can i do my psychic blades uh i yeah that means it makes them come out right

bonus actions psychic blades

after you oh wait you have to do you mean to attack with them because you have to attack with them two bonus action attack with them okay like you don't shoot with your short bow and you can't throw them can't you yeah you can make their range okay okay so instead of attacking with your short bow because it's the same attack roll anyway okay then so say you threw a psychic blade at it because it's within 60 feet so that's fine so yeah bonus action throw another psychic blade whoop so good

gonna roll to hit please roll well okay that's uh 19 to hit uh 19 absolutely hits use and then d4 plus three so let me roll my d4 all right you're off hand psychic blades uh that's four points uh it's a sneak attack because it is in melee with yes your ally so it's an extra d6 nice so five damage no that's that's the one where's the

okay so that's uh three points eight damage seven damage sorry two that null is null


okay that's a good hit taking about a quarter of its hit points uh your psychic blade flies straight through the air like like a faint blue uh vaguely dagger-like shape uh and strikes it and as it strikes it it just disappears

and then we have the knolls who are not happy with all that one two three seems unlikely i'm sure they'd love it one two three four five let's go here and they all uh get rid of their bows and pull out spears uh these two don't have shields out yet they only have spears out but these two have spears and shields so let's see

one attack against

ty ooh that's probably going to hit because that is a 22 yep that one level three it's impossible um that is six damage against derelict that is only a 14 to hit

uh and then against band b nah i'm sorry not banby um shatters uh that's a nine

and that's a 16. so 16 hits right on me no no no chatters shutters no i missed you derelict oh uh for nine damage halved to four god isn't isn't raging great raging is so great so good being mad is great i love it alec walks down throws a dagger at that one

20 29 27

and 15 to the 15 actually hits even with its shield oh boy and a bonus actually designate that guy so plus six

14 20.

he's really good at one shotting these guys

uh 30 points of damage to that knoll that knoll is dead um derelict fell so there's a dude right in front of me right there is there are two actually i am going to bash the one in front of me with my mace so straight up mace attack

straight mace to the face 16 hits great

eight nice solid damage to that knoll two three that guy

that's a good hit uh once again about a quarter of its hit points uh you smash it right in the snout and it's uh it's got a few less teeth and i don't know if you know hyenas need their teeth


uh no no more actions okay the pack leader uh i'm gonna check if it's yep that recharges um it's gonna grab its glaive and attack the barbarian that's a 17 to hit it gets two attacks and that's a 15 to hit so both those hit right

gonna need a d10 for this

gee there it is what is this plus plus three okay great damage three and that's eight damage have to four seven and sorry three and four seven damage seven yeah um and then it tells it incites rampage on this null and it attacks as its reaction um but i don't think a 13 hits tie does not okay 14 ac uh we're back to finnegan lucky song um i am going to cast a minor illusion ooh okay uh in in the little hut that we're in i'm going to make sure a sound of a lion son of a lion ooh because lions scare hyenas yeah okay if the lion king has taught me anything about it you idiots there will be a king this is a canter as well


see how how scary this lion is to these knolls this imaginary line because you're not making a lion appear you're making it sound like a lion sixteen plus five twenty one twenty one's pretty good actually uh these two knolls in front are shaken it's not stirred they can determine if it's an illusion uh by doing an intelligence check just to let you know i mean they'll just they'll just be shaking probably for a round they'll be shaking so they'll uh i guess there's not a shaking condition so it'd probably be spooked spook him uh it will probably be where is it frightened so they have disadvantage on their attack roles basically for a turn good job there move mufasa

uh i'm guessing you're not moving anywhere no no no no but if he does he's gotta move faster hey can't move slower uh shatters it is once again your turn shatters is [ __ ] ready grab some warhammer and smashes smash smashing the uh sorry the knoll and the leader not the leader the no

uh that hits because that guy does not have a shield out yet hell yes and i am swinging with both hands so i do the one d ten plus three right that's right yeah okay so that is damn it seven uh plus two is ten all right because that's a chunky hit bam uh ignoring it wait i haven't had a chance to do this yet uh when you're raging the first creature you hit on each of your turns with a weapon strike takes one d6 plus one necrotic damage because of my divine fury you chose necrotic creepy yeah

the temperature it's still it's two extra damage [ __ ] uh in one blow you bloody that knoll yeah [ __ ] that's a good hit that's a really good hit so as you strike it you you you know it stabs at you with its spirit you're like ah whatever bam two handing this warhammer right into its kneecap and uh you hear it like it's knee buckles and you hear like probably some bone like some fractures but maybe not break and then this little uh this purple black energy just saps like explodes out of it and you just hear the bone finally give and it breaks hyenas are uh you know they got them like big ankles i'm gonna lean over and go good job there you shatter said

uh there's a dwarf in the ari salvatore books um who eric reminds me of quite a bit right now uh i'm trying to remember it's not the boulder shoulder brothers um i think he becomes a vampire i can't remember right now um it is the knowledge wait no ty's turn believe it or not ty you've got two knolls you could potentially sneak attack i don't i is i don't know if ty's there not there or she's brittany hello

hey steve can you knock your your thingy oh sorry okay uh can we uh swap her turn with someone else or is the next people that are going knowles the knolls are next

more glory to everyone else uh that just means they'll both attack daryl with fell that's fine actually no i'm going to have one detective fell i'm going to have the other one attacked by the way uh they're pulling out their shields now so they'll have higher ac but they'll deal less damage um so they'll all have uh spear and shields now i'll have one attacked airlift foul that is a six that's gonna miss uh and the other one will attack finnegan uh then again 14 does 14 hit your ac my ac is 14. okay it hits uh for d6 it's about time you took some damage from chelsea um eight damage that's max that's good god damn uh and against uh i was gonna say bambi again but against shatters uh that's an 18 on the die that's that's 22 that's gonna hit four seven reduced to three shatters is tanked well over 30 or 40 damage so far because it's all been halved it's all been halved yeah shatters is is is looking real grim oh friends oh she's back yeah sorry my cats got into bad fight i heard the yells from the other room so i had to go grab one of them oh uh it's your turn you may attack you got two noses sorry it's like the night of interruptions for me so not at all ladies and gentlemen welcome to a night of inter oh i'm sorry i'm being told right now that we have to go live to uh yeah lauren got it

uh what do you got ty

i think i'm going to use both of my short swords and try and dispatch the null hell yeah so yeah changing from my keep in mind your offhand short sword will not do its full it won't do the plus three to damage but your psychic blades do do so you do a d4 plus three rather than just a straight d6 so it's up to you if you want to do because you do a d6 plus three and a d4 plus three or you can do a d6 plus three and just a d6 i actually think the plus three is more damage yeah so that's how i do it anyway it's uh uh four to nine and four to seven rather than four to nine and one to six so it's a nineteen to hit with nine first sword absolutely strikes uh which are you taking the top one to the bottom one by the way um the top one okay don't forget to add your sneak attack damage sneak attack that's exactly 2d 6 plus 3.

okay so that's a total of 9. all right that's a good hit uh again that one that null is very but it almost almost dead

i've seen things scarier than these by the way their breath is the worst because their nulls they you know their hyenas they eat carrying and [ __ ] like that so for my offhanded one i'll do the d4 plus three hell yeah see the d20 to hit so that's a in 18 18 hits sweet and d4 plus three

that's four points of damage you kill thanks that null okay i put one of your short swords on off hand so now it'll it'll show up on your bonus actions uh yeah absolutely so you just like wolverine style with these psychic blades um and this null like it doesn't take any physical wounds um and then it just goes like

this and it falls over the dead seeing my friend in such danger calls me to arms literally cost me too much those arms

uh because he can one two three four that's within range here we go alex probably going to kill that no yeah well can i use my movement just to move up there yeah absolutely where do you want to move to uh right next to uh shatters okay that null is going to take a swipe on you that's fine just so she doesn't take uh but i rolled it too so it doesn't matter dodged 24 22. okay i'd like to just parry it away with my sword

i fought werewolves you don't even know i've seen things ships off the uh of the coast like whatever orion yeah yeah i want to say coast but i know it's not like no it's not coast i can't remember hold on i used to say this was it the belt of a right no no no no no nine and then i've seen c beams c beams yeah nine plus seven is it's might be coaster for ryan uh sixteen plus i've seen uh six 22 plus 5 is 27. so you know what happens alex throws a dagger that's listened to four and he just kills that knoll oh glitter in the dark near the townhouse or gate

my name is shatters i'm sorry shatters yeah he is very good at because basically if he he attacks one he they will die yeah tempest is very upset uh wait no uh looks like uh oh god i was gonna do a southern exit [ __ ] you're welcome too many excellents like eric doesn't care plot twist my character is just a southern roy baddie all these things will be lost in time like tears and rain uh dearly fell you still have a knoll the red puke upon you the red duke the red duke is the is uh the other red puke the oh red puke oh wait the red lady the red lady is that i right exact of tempest she is the like oh uh like the lord lord in like a godly sense of like strategy then what you're saying is that it's represented by a red night like a chess piece night if i'm not mistaken dearly fell what do you got what do you want to do uh can i cast all the dead without incurring an attack yes you can because it's a saving throw yeah okay i'll cast the whole the the dead on the that's what i'm saying correct yeah 15 15 on this hyena hyenas are not particularly uh wise but i rolled an 18 on the ah oh well so nothing that's that's that's the poopy thing about cleric can trips they're just like well they either die or yeah it was worth it it was worth it yeah uh cool the null pack leader uh seeing most of it's packed estimated not happy not happy at all two glaive attacks against the uh the barbarian gnome that has really actually done a lot of damage uh that's a 21 to hit and that is a what's that a three that's a that's an eight to hit that's definitely going to miss

um oh i rolled max damage max damage my favorite of the maxes the name of my next 13 reduced to 6.

are you still standing

you're muted me i am just barely okay in that case with it it is going to either it's clay or something oh it doesn't have a bite it doesn't have a butt attack it just doesn't use it uh it's gonna insight actually can't incite rampage it can it's gonna incite rampage against

when nola can see it's i know they can see i'm gonna have it attack you again yeah it's inciting rampage in itself uh but i only rolled at 12. don't worry i missed hell yeah uh it is back to finnegan lucky song oh i'm gonna i'm gonna vicious mock the the one with the sword again okay um that's a five so that's a fail so it has disadvantage all right and he gets oh four damage four are full four damage a full four pog mathon hogmathone pogba it means kiss my ass in gaelic it is okay

i have a list in my game of crusader kings i'm removing the gaelic uh uh culture to the irish culture because i can't understand any of their like their baronies are like called like

so i can't understand any of what they're what their lord titles are called so i'm like okay it's all got to be irish also i don't control ireland anymore oh that's too bad i'm now the king of wales in iceland uh shot that was actually really great eric that's really good that's four four a full four damage on uh on the insult yeah we're like thanks i'm just level three give us all the compliments you can now before he kills us it is shatter's turn shattering hell

and i'm gonna smash at this dude two-handed with this warhammer that is a 15 to hit uh 15 does that hit the pack leader that just hits the pack leader yes that's gonna be good don't forget your d6 i will not okay that is a five plus two that's a seven plus

six that is a thirteen

that's a big swing chunking about a quarter of its health um so you just slam this warhammer right into its chest and once again that necrotic energy bursts out uh sucking some of us uh oh britney if you want your dice rolls what you do is on your character sheet instead of cust doing the custom rolls in the bottom left you see how your attacks you can click the hit there's like a box where it says hit if you click that it'll do your attack and then to the right of it it'll do your damage if you you can also right click on it to do advantage uh you can do disadvantage you can oh uh you can do to send everyone itself well ignore that one i just rolled yeah you can also if you if you roll a 20 it'll automatically make that that damage roll a crit as well but you have to click them separately but um good to know because i was just like how are all yours really cool labeled and i'm just like custom roll yeah i only figured it out like much later too so yeah i like rolling mine in person but i feel like it's better to keep track of if it's all in here i mean if you want to roll your dice roll i don't care it doesn't matter to me uh i would roll it in person but mine is because everybody else does it no i just really i have a real small like desk area to roll on otherwise i would i'm thinking of actually going to pick up another dice set depending on yeah so i'll be switching back to that but it's it is nice like having the computer handle all the it's yeah it's it's not bad it's not bad it's pretty sweet i'm building a dice tire out of uh leftover flooring i bought left over build dice boxes and then i found things i could just like pre-make into dice boxes and then wizards of the coast came out with dice boxes that's right uh so i'm gonna eventually you know when i care i'm gonna go make a dice tower uh well you know what i'll make it fit these dice boxes actually that's a good idea nice i always roll on this one always i love that it's nice it's the same emblem as what the discord that we're all it is yes this will be a tattoo on my body like this i drew it earlier when i made it on the cardboard that's sick remember that's the lord of murder yeah forget that it's not something you want to tie right over the place yeah that's why the other side was destiny uh it is uh ty's turn even worse even worse by the way ty if you flank that note you will have advantage not just i will flank the show okay sick i could really a crit here would be thank you very much sir so i'm gonna try and i'm just gonna roll for my short sword to hit also don't forget your sneak attack is 2d6 not 1d6 oh [ __ ] that changes everything that is a [ __ ] hit i should have heard a lot more earlier yeah 24 to hit and then i don't have sneak attack if you scroll to the bottom of your actions it's really annoying uh but it's just easier to just do honestly you should just roll right click and do like roll 3d6 and then just add your three it's the like all the roads i play with for you yeah that's probably the easiest way if you want to do that just roll 3d6 and then add three but i mean like right now i don't have sneak attack because they already saw me coming no no you have advantage and you have like yeah it's a sneak attack oh it still counts

threatened by an ally then here we go and also or if you have advantage so there's the two that's for my sneak attack and then i'm just gonna roll my normal damage okay great that's a that's a good thing that's 11 damage 16 damage to the null pack lord you know well yeah that's a big hit chunking it down um you still have a bonus action if you want to attack still with advantage i'm gonna do it them psychic blades are no joke like they're [ __ ] dangerous and you don't have to take two up in fighting and you don't have to have a weapon in your hand to use them yeah that's good a out of twenty no no no oh one d four plus three still good can she even be disarmed uh well they actually only appear when she makes the attacks they disappear okay okay all right and then back it's like psylocke yeah yeah or like asuma from naruto when he like makes his little blades into like chakra all i know about anime is that it comes from japan okay hello toby i uh i'm too old uh i i know of naruto but that's just like that's all new like new age [ __ ] well i've won not like romney won half like the og stuff man i don't know what

how much is the offhand damage d4 points of damage for psychic blades yeah no it's not with anything it should be a d4 not a d6 oh no ignore that because you'll see you have two different versions oh yeah yeah sorry click the wrong one oh there you have a strength and a dex yeah you have to you see you have to click or if you just go to your attack page it's easier it's okay under action is going to attack i'm going to get used to it i'm just scrolling up and down it's never been easier four points of damage four points not as good as not just a good one still that that pack lord real [ __ ] up uh but these are hungry knolls they need they need their fiber um by which i mean human muscle fiber and this one is going to break off derelict fell and go to flank the barbarian that's why you put holes in knolls go ahead and make your attack if you so wish derelict fell oh please yeah please make the attack derelict fell and here's the question does derelict fell have the warcaster feeder no no right no okay i'm just going to amaze him mace to the back of it 18 that's a hit teen strikes true

take six six righteous damage that's good that null is not bloody it gets away though and it now has an advantage on its attack role against uh shatter no well that's a 17 plus let's see if i get in at 20 i do not um but the 21 to hit definitely hits yeah four six reduced to three

i'm still alive oh my god okay three to go guys three go three to go i'm still here i am pouring blood off of my body it looks real bad but i am still ready to fight in the righteous name of tempest i like hops over the wall and start just checking their pockets for loose change you guys look like you have this under control uh well i'm almost dead that's so rude you're not you're fine it's dareless vel's turn like three knolls whatever there's two three i think maybe remember when my other character bought like five potions of healing with a different character yep uh i'm gonna do uh totally dead again on the one that i just swiped at all right oops shoot yeah so he has to make a saving throw i rolled a six okay so that's a fail eleven damage yeah yeah he takes eleven a bell appears over this creature's head and goes and the creature vibrates and like cracks just form in its skin and it just falls over dead yeah gross oh yeah dry [ __ ] [ __ ] there you go that's fine

uh i'm guessing that's it for daryl with fell just yeah just snapping his fingers and watching creature time

well i would have done a spare of the dying but luckily i don't need to so uh we'll see because the pack lord's up now and the peclord is going to try and finish off shatters well that'll be my bonus action next turn but i roll the net one yes i don't know if this comes up a lot in our games but what i do in my home games is if i roll in that one the players can choose to do a repost as a reaction you can get a basic attack in against it like it's like an attack of opportunity if you want to take it you take it but keep in mind if that if you get if that rule if you use that rule then i get to use it against you in common yeah i'm good i assume he just kind of like pulls the warhammer up and pauses and clangs off them uh does ty want to take the attack of opportunity oh i will certainly will uh so yeah i'm just gonna swing my little the great thing about tax opportunity is that they're not on ty's turn which means this is a sneak attack if this hits sneak attack well we're gonna do it so here we go

oh it's gonna hit for 20 i still roll high even on here i'm so proud of myself um sneak attack damn so we got this and then let me roll

nice neat okay so 19 damage total so 10 sneak attack and nine from my just short sword so uh this knoll over extends with its glaive and ty just takes a fist and puts it to the back of this creature's uh or its back um and you see it just like twitch and fall over dead oh

nice cool note guys i have a little compass that's swinging on my side i'm just going to hold it up and instead of it facing north like it always should it points right to the dead body and i go and put it away wow you guys are way too cool

back in my day um because i'm like a haunted one uh i have a sort of token or something with me that like it's it's weird i had to like roll for it yeah um so i got a compass that always points to the most recent death that's pretty cool that's that's pretty awesome yeah so even if we walk away it's going to keep pointing to that until something else dies

but what if you're still alive what then well then i should see a doctor all right that was all right that went pretty that went pretty well yeah yeah that was good that that got everybody yeah familiar will we be allowed to sleep and get yes yeah yeah the healing is bad yeah otherwise yeah yeah i don't know that was it that was the like the warm-up okay okay so now you know how your characters work you know dude so now you you under maybe understand each other's abilities a little bit yeah that's pretty cool okay so it's preparation

for the battle there's a couple of things i want to keep them around where do you want to try and fight the dragon because you now uh derelict fell has been to this place before right so is there a particular arena you want to try and fight it in because you know like there's the the dwarven this is the dwarven halls there's the the caves below that you know is part of its lair there's the entryway i feel like i feel like the dwarven halls would be better but i mean i'm open to discussion with everybody here um because we took care of the ghost right like everything no take care of everything no no no no there's still like a creepy lady in there that lady's in there yeah oh yeah so maybe we shouldn't remember but the caves we don't totally know the cave layout that well either there's a lot of fungus in there but we definitely don't want to fight it in its own layer i mean that's just stupid you know what we should do well it wasn't sorry uh to uh tomato game but it wasn't its own layer it but it might be now that's the problem it's spilled yeah it's three months so it's totally it's later now what we got to do is we've got to start out we gotta hop at this and bring it to the town bring the shrimp

that dragon wouldn't make it within like


pissed off exactly exactly yeah it's going to fail you guys are not going to get paid in that case but it would oh yeah that's fair oh yeah yeah and mirabar

so fun fact about me guys other than my psychic blades i can do i have a psionic power that's like psychic whispers so i can choose up to two creatures that i can see and then i roll a die and then for that makes the numbers of hours that i can speak to that to those creatures telepathically and it doesn't matter the language like i can speak it so i can either talk to the dragon or to you guys if you want to be really quiet and sneaky to be like hmm that's really useful do you want to try and drag this out if it's layer well this one like if you if you like you'll be like a series of roles basically of like trying to ambush the dragon in some way right so like that's why i'm asking like which which arena did you want to try because let's not do the hallways because of that ghost lady that just seems bad i think in that actual like cavern where the water is and stuff we probably could attack it the problem is the problem is to reach that cavern we gotta pass through the dragon's lair to get to it right like no this no wait okay which cavern are you talking about the one with water in it yeah the dragon slept in the middle of that that is a hundred percent its lair yeah yeah so keep in mind this is a young dragon so it's not like its lair stuff may not be as powerful as other dragons no lay actions i don't know what this means what does this mean this layer like does it get advantage into the fifth edition there are actual like hey this is where creatures layer and here are some benefits or bonuses it can use in its layer so that's a bit of meta gaming but yeah no dragons the reason why dragons are so deadly is because i mean they're quite powerful but they do get benefits from their like their place of lodging you know like would you rather attack a bear in the open or in its den yeah all right but it's a bit worse with dragons because they they they kind of mold the space to them you know so it's not going to be healthy for us is the point dragons are like humans and that they make their environment fit them rather than they try to adapt to their so for instance like if we were fighting like a different type of dragon uh it actually could be a poisonous environment or it could be flooded right well it is flooded right that was there was originally a black dragon right in their right and like black dragons live in they're crocodiles basically yeah um but red dragons uh you know they live in mountains this is a mountain yeah but yeah we don't know to what degree things have been converted how did it get into the mountain uh there actually is uh ellick knows about it as well uh zanin also knows about it but zayn is not here there is a way you have to swim up and it goes into its lair isn't that how we always have a bolt hole yeah we left that way so you should probably remember it yeah okay well i mean not this uh yes i personally should remember it but uh yeah i might i personally should but i do not but i had this character it wouldn't um well red dragons don't just hang out in there do all dry sorry maybe not just red dragons do all dragons just they just hang out in their layers never leaves dragons because it seems for like hundreds and thousands of years at a time they do serpents they do but they also move around right like they yeah but i don't we we can't we can't plan around that right because he's he can sleep for 10 years and then decide to move like we can't really plot around when he's gonna like get up for a midnight snack right like that's not really really something we can time i think i think we should unfortunately because we were to avoid the ghost lady um we should probably try to fight it in the the cavern kevin yeah isn't there another cavern before like the one we exited no no we only explored about half of it that's the problem like we actually i don't know the whole thing there's actually the weigh-in is xanan and it's a lot of water and there's some walkways like around it yeah um there actually is another area that you i don't think you guys ever went oh yeah you never wanted to go the whole way stairs from it's in glitterheim um you just never went there so there's a whole area you got like not only did you guys not explore the left half of that fungus map yeah there's a whole other area attached to that area that you never expect and the thomas has never explored does alec know of any other region that we don't that i don't know about yeah there's that area from the cavern um but getting the dragon there would be awfully difficult because there's no area large enough for the dragon to right in that area anyway so maybe we have a rogue who can presumably sneak quite well it might make sense for us to employ those skills and have the rogue sneak in and hopefully successfully discover whether or not like is the dragon sleeping is the dragon like what's with the dragon up to because if the dragon is sleeping and we can successfully [ __ ] sneak on them like we can get some good stabs in on her before everything goes to sideways but i mean in that case we're still just gonna fight in its own layer right like that yeah but i mean we're doing like well no no like basically it's like are we gonna try to fight it somewhere else we might not succeed at that or are we just going to try to sneak on it like that's sort of like two different things right i would say yeah like to make it yeah sneak attack like an abc is like one attack it in its lair hopefully while it's sleeping to either in its lair or somewhere else while it's not sleeping but still an ambush or three any of those places and it's an ambush yeah we're like yeah we want to try to lure it somewhere and then surprise it um so then maybe it does make sense to utilize ty's psychic-y brain stuff have ty sneak in do uh like do a brain meld with the dragon and then try and lure it

i mean you don't need to do all that i'll just have you roll like someone can roll a survival check to lure the dragon somewhere oh okay smear yeah yeah okay not using the snare spell i'm fine also just stealthing in and if it's asleep i'll just be like we're good to attack

um but then you saw it still all gonna have to roll stealth checks right like that's fair so that's why i'm at like so you're gonna i would prefer i would prefer to attack it not in its lair yeah um so maybe it makes sense for us to to explore that other little cavern and see if there's anything in there that's going to be problematic wherever you fight it it's just going to be you and the dragon as far as you know okay then i like i mean if we can avoid fighting in its layer it sounds like it makes the most sense to do that um my character of course would just say like it's time to smash and just smash wherever someone told them to so i like the idea that it's like a knock off the thing like it's time to smash yep like yeah the hulk and it's not the thing it's it's smashing time it's big guy like if it is i mean that's her whole thing is saying things wrong so a picture of the hulk and you know the thing that'd be amazing so if it's possible for us to get into the cavern area next to the layer and just check it out first i mean none of this might might work the way we want right but you're talking about the area to the left of the actual place where the dragon was sleeping yeah yeah is it possible to bypass the layer to for so that we can actually explore it a bit just we get a basic idea i mean or no here i'll show you the map this it's like it's creating images because yeah i mean whatever we do i mean if we talk about this area here on the left side yeah yeah yeah i mean that's this is all going to be its lair okay all right you can find it on the left side it's still going to be the dragon's lair oh okay okay no no my intention is to like try to bring it into another section that is not interesting is if you want to lure it somewhere else yes yes yes system is that we had to swim into it like down and out so you have to get the dragon to submerge and leave the caves that way no there's a way up from there yeah yeah it takes you to here i'm in putting the but you didn't you said you didn't want to go oh that's not it sorry uh where's the door i have the wrong thing open oh that's why i have the sinkhole instead of the dwarven yeah no what i'm asking is is it possible for us to check out the caves that are not part of its lair without running into the dragon first just so we have a better idea of it you want to explore first basically yeah yeah like if that's not even possible then that changes everything but if it's possible to actually get past the dragon just so that we all understand the layout of the caves that we want to lure it into i'm assuming you guys are familiar with this regardless he like i'm not assuming like you guys don't have to scout things out you're already you've been here okay okay well no that's why i just wasn't sure about for the benefit of everybody else right so um yeah but if it's possible for us to set up like an ambush in those caverns then yeah i kind of want to do that i just want to find it outside of its layer so not here the mushroom area right is that what you're saying not a mushroom area no yes okay no yeah here

yeah that's what it was

because this is the area to the dwarven section

so in this open area here with all the mushroom yeah right what did the mushrooms do to us again i can't really we avoided it we don't know we specifically avoided it the hell out of that so i don't know what you guys did yeah no no we just we just made sure we didn't touch anything because we had no idea yeah yeah he's like a smash dragon but i just i just think that it's just still better for us if we don't fight it in its own layer that's that's the only thing i want to try to avoid uh a hard degree here yep these are this is where the bat creatures were right uh in the top left those were the sturges yeah yeah that's true

i mean they wouldn't gang up on us would they yes yeah yeah i was just keep in mind that this area here is elevated above that area down there okay so if you want to draw a dragon in there into the into the did we did we go into that area to the left of the mushrooms like that it looks like there's a little you never went into any of this you never went here here here or here yeah you went up we took one path yeah it was the smart thing at the time it was but which was the style at the time

but i think like if if we're on the upper tier of that larger space you know like i think that's all we really need to worry about you know um if we need to run we can go back like we don't need to go to the sections we didn't explore i mean okay worst case scenario that might just end up happening and that'll be really entertaining but um but yeah i mean i think that in the middle of the map there if that's like a higher plateau i mean that's not a bad place to like you know snipe at him or her

i don't know it does you're no i think you're totally right uh i am unfortunately someone who smashes but at least you have different ways you can run around and then like you can even go through those narrow paths and it's like can the dragon really follow you through oh yeah yeah how how big is this cavern actually like cause there's a dragon fly in here yeah oh yeah the dragon can fly in here okay shoot well there's lots of things you will have to shoot it yes i mean remember we're all level three anyway so we're probably gonna die but derelict won't

hopefully i'll die last um we're here basically to support you in your mission while your friends refuse to well thanks guys

i mean you're here for the money i assume exactly yeah but meta wise we're here to support you steve no well exactly

well um that that means a lot to me i would personally i wouldn't kill a dragon but i would play someone who would kill drake this is getting a little complicated i just wouldn't kill it at all it's true um so yeah no i mean it will cry i guess we'll go well yeah we'll try to set up you know if it's possible for us to sneak in here first and and actually check it out a little bit more before we leave like a master ranger and a decent road with you yes okay all right also all the orcs are dead like i know yeah it's only been three months there's not been like uh okay all right there's not a u-haul with a bunch of goblins i don't know how this this layer [ __ ] like there could be like a whole like you know kobold fan club you know that's like set up here now so koboldcon is here and yeah and the dragon is their guest of honor well exactly i know how the dragons work doing signings like yeah there was me who killed that guy yeah what yeah he totally would do it if he could he is a female dragon sorry yes please um queen all right well i mean i don't know does that sound good to everybody like try to check it out yeah all right seems like a plan how goes all right i imagine you'd express this to us and my character would probably be like it makes sense so there is a ledge here sounds about right from the south on that side all right there's le there's obviously an escarpment on the left here there are stairs that go down into that mushroom cave area okay obviously there these are dwarven uh cell sepulchers so you can try and hide in and around them to grant yourself some amount of cover okay i like that

yeah right he's pumping up the jams um is it really nice no it's still there but it's not bad this is faint now

there you go nope it's back sorry i'll just i'll just keep waving it oh don't do that it sounds like you're wanking it well it's eleven top ten anime betrayals i'll just uh i'll just make sure i've got my my cover on this time never mind shut up fan dancing

cool i'm um yeah i i i probably should i probably should head out i'm kind of that's fair we're ready we're we have a plan a plan we have a plan to discuss in our group chat what really we're gonna do yeah we'll we'll probably not like blow the entire week but yeah we can at least in theory talk about it i mean we didn't was good we tested out our characters we know how to fight as them now yeah no it's good no it's good it's a good session should we should we do a rest before we go to the sweat yes you're taking the long run yeah it takes you several more days to get here okay i have done a long rest you sleep it up it's gonna be great had i known that i would have tried more magic during the last battle yeah i was like yeah i was a little bit unsure too that's okay i have all these spells i've never done before right now you could use them all in the dragon magic spelled this way before

i really just picked spells that sounded cool when i did it i mean that basically system yeah that's how it works

what do you mean i have proficiency in four different musical instruments

this spell is called or this spell is just called bardic [ __ ] what like that's not yeah eric you really should just play bards exclusively honestly it's just i really do enjoy it it's you yeah yeah yeah it does is that you can play a melee bard yeah you can watch a sneaky bard you can play a mat like a pyramid i like the idea of a melee barb were you just smashing them over the head with your loot well like actually it was sort of funny because you were saying you didn't want to be a bird because i kind of called like being a healer but i don't even really think of bards as healers right i always just like like what david said there's so many ways of playing bards i mean yeah you can i would say or not yeah i always think of bards as actually rogues except more personable but that's not even necessarily true we were also in the midst of the witcher just finishing so i was just like oh man i should be a witcher yeah bards you literally used to have to take rogue and then wizard and you became a bard like you were called a bard but you were just a rogue wizard rogue wizard yeah yeah yeah being a rogue wizard yeah but they filled it out pretty nice i mean i always really liked the variants like you know scald right that was like a that was the warrior part yeah you could be a like skald is an option uh in the bard tree it is the uh college of uh valor yeah i took it a goliath bard who was college of whispers and like my character left like snuck out of her kingdom that was really secluded or whatever by killing a guard and pretending to be them wow like she had a really like dark past and it's such a shame the pandemic like stopped that campaign from happening because i was like having a ball i like tortured somebody for information she was just like let's go nice arguably darker than ellie got in last month's part too and i was like oh i was like am i okay do i need therapy no i'm fine it's fine i mean doesn't everyone need their we all do that's why i told the people on the phone when i was getting health insurance they're just like they're like do you do therapy do you do these things i'm like don't we all need it honestly like yeah it would be great but if it can't be covered we're fine my my like early 2020 goal was to get more people in therapy and it did work but not for the reasons that i intended unfortunately people were just like i caused more people to be in therapy i chose college of lore for my bard cool spellcaster is pure spell you literally get extra spells that's why stanley was in campaign one

so anyway looking forward to next week and um yeah good games thank you see you next we're gonna be on youtube tomorrow yay i'm putting all these up now and it's going to be a podcast goodbye everyone [ __ ] off