April 26, 2021

162 - The Geeks stand up to "The Falcon and The Winter Soldier"

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"I'm a Black man carrying the stars and stripes. What don't I understand?" - Sam Wilson

On April 23rd, 2021 the incredible "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" aired its finale on Disney+. Join the geeks, alongside Everything is Permitted's Brittany Tomes, as they talk about the final episode, the series as a whole, and its impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What did they think of the finale? How did Wyatt Russell do as John Walker aka US Agent? Who's brain melted during "that special cameo?" And where does the MCU go from here?

Plus we talk about the amazing "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" trailer!

Find out all this and more on Geeks with Kids.

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it's true it is five four i like the intro logo thank you yeah i'm so we're here you know normally we do our little our jibber-jabber thing but we've been talking so much over this past episode so we're just gonna jump into it hey there and welcome to geeks with kids the geeky podcast from a parenting point of view i'm eric and with me as always are my incomparable hosts hawk matt moore and david hi guys hi hey hi we're on friday it's weird it's very different that's a lie because you said i looked like hawk uh yeah well i changed all that i think i changed the i did change the name so we're all good now so you compared us well it's hard you guys are vying for the best picard why are you why are you making this a podcast i don't know i don't know that's what i do i've it's it's not my fault i uh i do musical theater i lie a lot um anyway today today we're joined by podcaster twitch affiliate aspiring voice actor and queen of puns brittany toombs uh you know her from her work on everything is permitted our sister casts a strange new pod and on wednesdays you can find her here portraying a hilarious monk named xanan on our weekly d d game dead ice welcome to the show brittany hi thanks for having me guys i'm excited yeah i don't know what we're talking about but you know when i enjoyed this podcast you told me no girls allowed yeah well well the girls is plural so they're oh

so this week we'll be chatting about the falcon and winter soldier finale which we just saw and the overall series um so but before we do that and because we're still collecting our thoughts and emotions i'm still crying a little bit from that ending um we're gonna do what we do every week i'm gonna turn to my fellow people on the podcast and ask them what they're currently enjoying in their lives what they're obsessing over what you know video game books movies whatever their whatever's taking their time up so i asked what's good more what's good i'm starting with you um i i'm going to be so shady right now i can tell you what's not good you're popping again am i yeah yeah somebody [ __ ] it's the intro that did it yeah the intro got you all got it all angry sorry well as long as it doesn't show up on the uh on the actual twitch stream it's fine i hate it yeah no one's gonna have anything on the stream so it's fine um what's good oh boy i started playing days gone uh that was the ps plus title right it was the ps plus title and it was funny because i was at the point where i'm like you know what i'm just gonna buy this i've heard enough good things i'll give it a shot it was like 20 bucks three weeks ago i'm like ah maybe i'll pick it up it'll be fine and then i'm like and i got distracted with other stuff and i'm like okay i'm gonna go i was like i'm gonna go i'm gonna buy days gone i open it up and i just looked at ps plus i'm like no i'm not because it's free oh for a minute i thought you're gonna be like oh no i can't because day's gone already oh um it's entertaining it's it's a interesting game i'm trying to ignore the puns if we don't if we ignore them no it doesn't work no attention i do more like how they're all like nope nope it's gonna go it's just saying you know what i want to buy triple digits and puns tonight challenge thrown down triple digits god i don't know that's such a thing has never been done that's a lot even our two hours

it's not gonna work uh but yeah so day's gone i'm i'm enjoying a lot um eric sent me the some news right before we started recording this it made me very happy about the uh yeah the conjuring uh comic release i'm gonna have to track down yeah yeah is it out now i don't know i mean do you know uh i don't believe it's out no it wouldn't they were planning the movie for the fall so i'm assuming they'll release the the first trailer i saw watched it today uh the devil made me do it yes yeah who's doing it dc on marvel dc is doing it yeah um which hurt my soul a little bit because it means i'm gonna have to actually have dc comics in my house but i'm like yeah hey i love dc i uh look i i here's the thing when it comes to dc i have like joker related stuff and simon dark that's the only dc i will ever purchase nice what about like constantine june 4th um yeah i'm going to say june and july um so then fingers crossed i'll be able to actually get to a comic store of some kind to purchase it up here oh i work in one i can just pull you a pre-ordered set and send it to you in the mail you will have to pay attention shut up and take my money wait a minute those are american dollars what kind of cheap i believe the phrase i'm looking for is shut up and take my money uh yeah yeah for sure that would be awesome literally a comic insider the culture the lover then i would also be like i have comics coming in the mail my nerd is complete i've never

about the fact that they uh they have a uh conjuring verse in the comic form as well as the movie that's due to come out what was the last conjuring movie the conjuring too well then the conjuring ii

i thought it was like that lawyer's one where it's like the con jury's out thank you yes

david the counter is just puns not good puns oh okay okay hold on one second dave is so picky he'll be like i didn't yeah i want good punch terrible well then then next time you need to adjust the counter so that says good puns oh i'm making don't worry i'm making good puns i'm dying to encounter for good puns i didn't see the second conjuring because of the none the image of the nun i was like no it's no it's had the sec they're converting core movies themselves i've been nothing but impressed with oh no i meant like it's too scary no i know what else i'm saying like it's just the spin-offs are kind of whatever you can eric said i'll be having none of that in my house um i mean but that that means

trying to make the good puns outweigh the puns i see how it is i love how he just conjured up that counter out of nowhere oh yeah because i'm using obs for so it's like i'm i'm i'm putting through obs to like my webcam goes to obs obs goes to um you got to move the good puns a little bit to the left isn't even labeled bad puns it's just po there's puns and there's good ones perfect my face is covered

this is an audio podcast who cares well it's on youtube too um yeah so so uh yeah the comic is good yeah i like comic comic make me feel good i've been deep diving into a lot of the horror movies that are on a lot of the streaming services because i you literally have nothing else to do right now you were playing something else other than daze gone the other day and i was like oh my moore's playing and it wasn't borderlands fortnite dead by daylight no it was something i didn't expect you to be playing at them at that time was it fall guys no yeah i've never actually played fall guys i've never played uh i was playing cyberpunk for a while as well cyberpunk was the one i saw yeah i was like he's back it's because that giant patch came out about a month ago and i'm like okay well if they put a massive patch out i'll actually pick it up again and give it a give it a whirl uh and it did fix a lot of the problems i'd had with it did you get trapped in a vending machine no that was one part of the big patch was it it's the uh the law well the player uh environment locking is fixed and the opponent uh environment locking was not because i ended up shotguning someone halfway through a wall that's awesome but they weren't dead oh but i couldn't hit them after that you were like motorcycles it was like half the head and the end of the gun but i needed to kill him to finish the mission so i'm like well i guess i have to reboot this now uh as smk is asking you to turn off the room light oh yeah i can do that all right hold on i think he wanted to look like you look like god right that's the point yeah well now we can't see anything now i'm just confused

yeah darkness my old friend hold on where did matt go again now it's getting very spooky

let me tell you a scary story about the ontario government um anyway i was born in the darkness molded by it i didn't know you talked to the darkness i was back to it

yeah what's good my friend uh if you're asking what my yum is what is your yum son of a bye son of a bi-weekly podcast oh it's so good to get back to basics kenny all right so my yum this week is the prime series zero zero zero it is this uh crime drama i heard about apparently prime amazon prime paid 165 million for this this whole production and it's worth it you can see it it's worth every penny andrew riceborough yeah gabriel byrne yep dane dane dehaan green goblin yeah it's uh there's like a i believe it's mostly an italian production on that it went through uh sky and studio canal uh and prime bought it is this is this world spanning organized crime uh series and that based on this book uh by roberto saviano following a consignment of cocaine from the moment a powerful italian cartel decides to buy the cocaine until it has been delivered and paid for on the way it is packed for mexico and transported across the atlantic is that the right yeah yeah that's the one yeah it's it's it's this multi-nation like uh production and that it starts in in sicily in that with the entrada and that the saging dawn and that who's trying to buy back the loyalty of his people and that by you know dumping 900 million dollars for them to buy cocaine uh it moves over to mexico and that where you follow this like military unit and that who are pursuing the cartel and the dealers and that and then the americans not the ones played by gabriel burn and uh assaulted cast it's great i've i've watched the first episode so far cinematography's awesome pacing and directions is amazing so uh if you're if you haven't seen a good crime drama in a while check it out i haven't so that's cool that's awesome um are they only doing one series it looks like it was 2019 so yeah it's a limited series and then it's just based on eight episodes here yeah yeah anyway cool it's great check it out um yeah it does sound awesome uh david what's your yum uh i've been playing a lot of apex recently i know to not i'm not awful at it so that's pretty great that's that's makes me pretty happy um isn't erika ishii the new apex character she is actually yeah a daughter of viper um who is one of the bosses one of the harder bosses actually in titanfall 2. uh she's all growed up and she has parts of her dad's titan and oh cool she wants to kill a bunch of people uh it's pretty dope and i guess bffs with uh i can't remember the other character's name right now uh one of the other new female characters like she was recommended by somebody and then they were already like their characters are friends i guess but they were already like really good friends in real life so it just works out really well um but yeah i mean that's pretty cool uh it's it's i don't know what there's a bunch of changes coming so i guess i'll tell you next time what those changes are but right now i'm doing all right i've had a bunch of wins there's a whole event going on right now where you have to like run around to secret areas of the map and like pick up uh hollow sprays or something like scan stuff i don't know where to get for it but you know i've i've been slowly tempted to get back into apex now that i've walked away from cod and fortnight is i beat this season again so it's just like killing time for another one well we've got another character is rampart and a pretty dope [ __ ] character too yeah um and caught well cod's about to start or they just started a new season because they just nuked verdance and now they're never dancing 84 and i don't know i don't i haven't played warzone because it takes up it's a [ __ ] hard drive that was just like i liked it but it was like a civil war sort of scenario so they could call it for dance dance revolution that's going into the bad puns no that was fight

this is what i'm doing bad puns is not capitalizing good puns is capitalized that's fair that's fair um apex is sweet it's a lot of fun and a lot of my friends play it i was i played it for a long like that was the sort of the first like yeah the first one i really played for a long time and then it just got to the i was never that good at it uh and there was like no real but there was no real like chance to train to get better so i'm like i don't like this that much i also had really really dodgy wi-fi when i was playing it yeah don't play video games on wi-fi when they're first-person shooters if you can help it i know that now oh no hawk you lost your audio i don't know well there's do you want to leave and come back

weird because at the exact same moment i just saw a random picture of trump for the first time since he left the white house and i was like oh god forgot that man existed that's terrifying yeah i could move people around on my screen i didn't know i could do that um yeah that's me that's my that's my what that's what's good that's what's good oh yeah you're liking that right now kicking ass at apex hawk you can come hawk you can come back come back we can keep telling that but he can't hear us i know i'm typing in the chat this is all the fun stuff you get to see if he disappears i'll take off the next he said audios that's 11. what it's a

i think that was a pretty good pun i'm trying to get a gauge for what the bar figure out his level because there's sometimes i do better than that okay here's one thing if she uses the same word like last what was it was it on wednesday she used the same word she's like that's good i'm like no you use the same word twice you can't rhyme homer with homer it's not allowed okay that was literally audio and adios yes that's funny okay

that works that's a good pun right so for instance like if she was really doubling up like using homer would be more of a misnomer

but that's not a pun that's a rhyme can you hear us hawk yep can hear you now yeah yeah good job zoom terrible terrible doom anyway so dave's good he's like an acapex uh he's also winning in fall guys which is nice monday nights without you that's what we went together too um sometimes um we won together on the last time we won two squad crowns and i have one squad crown with a group of randoms yeah so yeah so you don't count no no it's not we have better times anyway let's go over to brittany um oh yeah what are you liking what's your you like right now i'm really enjoying invincible on amazon prime yeah it's so good uh the only episode i haven't seen is the one that just came out like this morning because i think one came out it was hawks last week right yeah yeah i just didn't have time to watch that and winter soldier this morning so i was like well let's go with the finale because people will definitely mess that up for me yeah um so that was cool um i can't stop thinking about the shanghi trailer which i know we'll talk about a little later

and as far as video games are concerned i've been playing a lot of mortal kombat 11 because i didn't play that when it came out and now i'm playing it and it's awesome yeah really good and i believe you're uh streaming it for everything is permitted on your twitch channel yeah um i normally stream on mondays and tuesdays but this monday i'm going to see the movie so i'll either have to stream earlier in the day or i might just have to cancel my stream that day but for a good reason because i'm actually mortal combating that's fair um let's see what am i liking i am the last person on the yum yum list oh i should just call it the never call it like the like the yum yum yeah yum yum hut yum yum yum yum um so liking subnautica i've been playing a [ __ ] ton of it on the ps5 um i had on my pc but i didn't get into it as much as i did on the on the console i think sitting on a couch and playing that game is way better than sitting in my gaming chair and you know playing it i think that it's a game where you can just chill out and then occasionally get stressed because of big giant sea creatures um and like the forest that you've also been playing the forest which is uh i just started playing it's more stressed which is fine in the chair because i'm just like [ __ ] there are cannibals here and they're just coming after me so my first play and i was just like i made a little hut on in the clearing and then [ __ ] cannibals came and killed me and i was like nope so i made a tree uh for a little tree house instead and now they can't climb up the rope for some reason i don't know why i thought you're about to say i made a tree house for us and i was like he's making a pun i should have did it you did so it counts good fun was it your forest playthrough uh it was my second gift it was my second playthrough but yes okay one first the force is also quite good um i pre-ordered the um horse too the sub-zero version of subnautica which comes out on consoles in the middle of may and if you guys haven't pre-ordered returnal um house marquise uh ps5 game oh it looks so good and we might as um we might on a podcast have something for this as well so we will we will see so hawk you need to get a ps5 before april 30th yeah cracking down one with a disc drive i know the other one was digital because they're actually putting more out they did a thing today where sony was like in the stages because the ps5 is the best-selling console in like in the states ever but nobody can [ __ ] get them anywhere well how is it how does that make sense it's literally sold its run out yeah uh yes there is the yum yum podcast like we can't call it the yummy i'm blessed that's fair smk um um let's see we're gonna we're gonna take it we're gonna take you everything you have it's a hostile uh podcast takeover no it's not they're like the opening of life our meaning of life it's the uh we'll sail the great white accountancy and uh what else that's not a pun that was a quote it's a quote yeah accountancy no but that's what they say in the movie i know right it's the song so also this country's not for me it's for british dave's like i will die before i make a pun i one other thing one other thing i'm really liking is um they had the finale for kim's convenience last week and it was it was both amazing and sad all right they would have been on your terrible list because you never wanted to have to see the end of that show i don't want to see the end list because he illegally downloads it what to be found is it on cbc it's on cbc gym so i i i watch it for free that's a bad pun i only download it for one of my friends i can't see it it's a bad pun but also everyone on that show is now breaking off and getting disney famous so uh well there is one and we're going to talk about it in the news nothing is happening because i feel like um the falcon and winter soldier chat might take a little while maybe the whole episode um but there is only one thing we're going to talk about and that is the [ __ ] sharing qi and the legend of the 10 rings trailer that came out earlier this week and i've watched every single day since it's come out at least once the first day i watched at least seven or eight times in a row in the first day when i sent it to the geeks with kids chat i was at my fourth or fifth watch event i was like oh my god i forgot to send this out to these guys yeah i literally watched it like twice and then i was like oh my god i have to post this on the podcast facebook page and i was like okay but i'm gonna watch it two more times it's so good um and there's a lot of drama around that trailer i don't know if you heard about it in china so let's uh let's talk about this trailer what are our initial thoughts of it i'm invested oh yes no thoughts just emo i'm sorry um yes yeah well let's go into that we we get to see uh jung i mean uh simul liu as the titular hero and they changed his backstory in the movie from uh his father being think uh nothing thankful um

i can't imagine why to the mandarin well they don't have the rights to foo manchu and he's incredibly racist i'm also just glad i'm like can we get rid of just any sort of foo manchu ever well except for when i grow the mustache yeah we can keep the mustache but that's it mustache style is acceptable but that's about it yeah i must ask you what else is appropriate yeah what do you think of that what do you think of this uh change this uh the story change i didn't i didn't know about it until the trailer i feel like it's obvious maybe you know it's just like yeah yeah that makes sense who else they get like they got to make his parents important because his parents his dad was very important and a bad guy so yeah like a man drinking it it suits because that ties the story in together a little stronger and it gives that whole you know out doing your father parental conflict thing that is very popular in literature and the mcu is very much about you know condensing those characters to make it fit their whole universe better and i don't know it just it's just one of those things and especially because we needed to bring in the mandarin at some point to make up for the real world not make up but uh to continue that sorry right off the bat all hail to the king right just a really good short and iron man three dvd blu-ray yeah you know it was the one that was after whatever came out after iron man they had it on there okay but they get because they don't pay off those enough a lot of the time yeah uh so this time they are um so yeah i just think i don't know makes sense yeah it was sorry it just makes perfect sense it corrects like a huge mistake in an otherwise great character's backstory so and it's just symmetry you know so once again thanks dizzy it wasn't he said if you manchew

um it was on thor the dark world's blu-ray so that's where oh that's why i've seen it because i own that blue


it may be the worst mcu film but it's still a you know watchable you can watch it without it i didn't hate it really that's

i only count them for brittany and she already made a loki low-key pun like you guys did we missed that oh sorry britney anyway so let's move off of uh jung or simulu i gotta stop calling him uh junk never has a name let's move off of jungle the man has a name oh his push up cena is like

the knife and he catches it in the air that was so cool hundreds of times and he really caught that at the end he's like it's like um scott pilgrim went throwing the package in the garbage oh my god that's so hilarious um so we also get to see aquafina in a new it's she's having her um sisu character but in real life apparently in this uh in uh this movie um she's a new character called katie so i guess she's just pretty much our pretty much our introduction to this world she's gonna be that person being like hey look what is all this stuff like what the hell are those rings here's the thing though and as you know you spoke about this earlier i don't trust when any comic franchise like i'm introducing a new character i'm like this will be the first time marvel has ever created a new character well they had darcy darcy was new agent coulson was mcu only he was playing comics after yes but they were always like they weren't brought forward as main characters they were always like secondary that were there but they weren't part of the focus and she appears to be part of the focus of the story well because she's going to be our uh our lens through the film probably but that's what i mean like i don't think she's going to necessarily be like i don't think it's a new character i think they haven't named who she actually is yet so jay in our chat had just watched the the shang chi trailer because he didn't know that it was out and damn right it is a great trailer damn right um anyway yeah so i like her in general and i thought she was funny and my eldest uh cat was like hey is that sisu when we were watching the trailer so i was like yes that is her so we she's like we have to go see this in theaters i love how a bunch of people after that trailer were like oh wow like aquafina's really grown on me or like oh who's this new person aquafan like she's been around forever i was like just because you like i guess knew about her from like raya and now this movie i'm like what the [ __ ] not crazy rich asians i mean come on crazy rich asians she was like in that movie for a lot of it um uh tony liang is uh is mandarin he's so good in it oh my god he looks so perfect and um i guess you know we we get the introduction of the 10 rings which are more like armlets now which is sort of cool um traditionally in the marvel mythos they were found with um you know they were finger rings and they were found by the mandarin and are a product of the accent car which were the alien race of fing fang fume so they're not finger rings but for that's what i was going to say realistically if they want to bring it in they would be finger rings for that race oh my god or just like frost giants or something well it does it looks like they have the they have different powers like they did in the um in the comic books and they sort of have that same glow that you know uh black panther's powers had from the vibranium which was really cool i'm really hoping that that was like a little hint that it's like no no these are rings just not for humans yeah and there's a lot of dragon imagery i know it's i know the ten rings organization is is an asian-based one so there would be jerry and the ten rings literally summon a drag or awaken a dragon yeah those are dragon balls um no i was supposed to say dragon ball z he literally beat me to it i was just like but doesn't grant wishes doesn't he yet that we know it it's the no version it might have oh it's it's gonna summon dudley the dragon no it's gonna [ __ ] summon mushu yeah

what did i read i read something somebody uh i don't it's probably not even going to be close to right but somebody was like maybe they use pym particles to change the size of the rings maybe just you know whatever because we need particles and more things apparently yeah i guess i don't know i think i think it would be stupid if they did that i'm more for the idea of like these are rings for bigger hands yeah yeah like shrink them and also just look at a badass to have these like bangles on your hand when you're fighting like it's just i mean that is a thing as well like you watch the protector sounds to happen when you hit people it's like bangle bang boom yeah um they also it also looked like um we got some ancient battles like there were a couple like super like um kung fu as choreography like sequences like the one in that bamboo forest and then there's that ancient battle so maybe that gives us the mandarin extra long life or something so he's sort of i want to see michelle yo why michelle was she the girl in the dress you don't see her face i know that that's the thing but also technically characters wear masks in this how [ __ ] well

they give her a name but like where is she though unless she's the lady in the forest where is she right you heard it here first yeah that would be crazy i was thinking i hope so that would be amazing if she was death dealer because i'd be like what up it also but it also would track with how marvel casts movies where they cast unexpected people in these amazing roles and you know why do these secret things they're like i don't know who i'm kissed yeah i'm not allowed to disclose disclose who it is p.s yeah it's better to deal death than michelle yeah it's true i'd let her kill me easily so how many people are going to see this movie and be like death dealer i didn't see kate beckett sale in this movie what's that like underworld things yeah okay the vampire i couldn't remember vampire special forces

anyway um so we also got a a good look at razer fest who's the worst mcu character but he sort of looked cool in this one like he looks neat he might be sword for a hand how do you go pete anyway it's not it's uh oh no he likes to do cross sword puzzles but my theory is he's gonna be this film's taser face where it's just gonna be like you call yourself razor fist and you have a sword for it like i could see i could see simu uh giving him [ __ ] yeah also having a sword instead of a hand is not a good way to use a sword by the way because there's a lot of things in your wrist that you use a sword for and just having and he's just like

so he would almost have to use it more like a razor because he doesn't have the same flexibility right yeah well think of when he raises

that's hands that a fun where did it go anyway um last thing before we go to the the actual episode um are we gonna see trevor in this movie i know uh yeah for sure right you know after credits probably post credits i could see yeah i don't know if i referenced at some point or if it is it's like one of those where you're like ha it'll be one he'll be locked up in a cell somewhere in the oh well they'll walk by him no he should be out now on good behavior no no no no no no i mean the mandarin they took they'll have taken him uh and he'll be there they'd be all right and he'd be like but i want a speed boat i hope that he's strapped to the front of a speedboat that would make me people that would be good yeah all coked out seriously like full mad maxing it just like and there's a guy with a guitar in the background

that's a different franchise okay so so this movie takes place in san francisco and there's a rumor that um because ant-man doesn't show up in the trailer or apparently in this movie that um this is actually taking place during the blip time period it would make sense it would make sense because i mean something something on this kind of scale that involves the mandarin and the ten rings would be a thing that they would that people would that would get people's attention if they weren't otherwise preoccupied with you know the world ending well the next ant-man movie is also in the quantum real it's like ant-man quantum something or whatever so he could just be in the quantum realm also it's weird to me to assume that like every superhero needs to be it's like oh well it's in san francisco so obviously ant-man ant-man has no idea what's going like oh there's a bunch of there's a bunch of people kung fu fighting yeah i need to go get involved in that like he is pretty clueless when it comes to his surroundings yeah like i really feel like michelle yo is death dealer like the morris stare at the picture

the height next to the kid also and like just the body size i'm just like why do i feel like that's michelle and they don't want me to know she moves the death dealer moves like her too like in that fight scene like it looks like her you guys it would make sense mark disney's gonna come after it kill both i'm gonna put the her and death deal her it's going to happen so we'll let you yo when she's ready

you need a hawk um i will i will end on this i i appreciate the fact that it's actually taking place in san francisco based on the the history of uh asian people in that i hate it uh in that city um after watching warrior even more respect to them putting it in san francisco so that's that's pretty awesome um so previously on geek skates no not previously on uh geeks because let's just jump into the finale of uh falcon winter soldier titled one world one pizza pizza people one one pizza i heard one pizza that's a big [ __ ] pizza guys can i tell you something really sad yes so i didn't come across my master of kung fu books so i couldn't remember like which issues i had and i swore already had this issue so the other day i sold the first appearance to death dealer to somebody before the the day before the trailer happened because i'm like probably going to be in the movie like this is like a rumored thing sold it realized the following day i don't have that issue and i was like god damn it you guys and apparently now no you don't no that's gonna be swooped in got that that's gonna be a rare it's okay one of my favorite customers bought it but i was just like that's fair you know where they live so i'm hoping to yeah another one at the shop that was as good quality because like i kept looking at it and i was like if nobody buys this by the end of the day i'll buy it but i'm pretty sure i already have it like but it was one of those things where like i didn't know for sure you [ __ ] up at that point always err on this on the side of buy it because then you get out of there you don't want to be like that employee that's like oh a good thing just went up on the wall let me buy it like the minute it goes up but i think we would all be that employee if we want to be dropped like 100 that's that's the only perk you get from dealing with a lot of crazy ass people is that you get first dibs on the good stuff you know how many uh like i have star wars minis because i worked for a company that sold them i have i worked at hmv so i have a [ __ ] ton of dvds and blu-rays like yeah i work the future shopping stuff like i get i already get so many good discounts and all that and i do have a lot of comics but it's just in my mind i was like i've loved shang chi i'm i'm happy all these other people are going to be into it soon like i was just like i hope we get a trailer soon and it's because you're a good employee that's why yes yeah it's true but it's okay one of my favorite customers bought it but if he ever wants to sell it i'll be like no i'm buying it from you no i will buy that or i will one million dollars being michelle yo i will literally be like i will give you four hundred dollars right now for that comic because i'm getting her to sign it oh my god yes that would be amazing the con oh yeah also before we get off that trailer um i hope they introduce iron fist back into the mcu like okay putting them together like a good iron fist i mean i don't know i i don't think they'll do it in this movie i think no no not in this movie down the road maybe i need to get rid of iron fist just bring in luke cage

and bring in luke his dynamic is just with iron fist that's they're they're like buddy cops yeah i just think we just don't do iron fist anymore because that show was so [ __ ] bad yeah it was [ __ ] terrible yes true that's right yeah well mcu will condense though because i don't think they want iron fist and shang chi to be honest well i mean honestly it's unnecessary really it's basically just like authentic or you want this white dude yeah you want the white-washed version or like the authentic yeah i wouldn't mind seeing cheap beats do you want chinese food or do you want to go eat good food in china

i don't know but now i'm hungry i want to get chinese food after this right before i came back damn it don't don't don't let eric transition to the finale which we just saw one world one pizza this is gonna be the stun episode all over god one day we will do that stud episode one day we never will we won't worry considering we're doing mortal kombat next well well yeah anyway

so this is going to be a round table we're going to talk about the finale and the whole series but um i'm going to guess do we really need to go over the what happened in the final episode we just watched it we watched it we we got sam in the suit we get carly dying uh we get uh us agent getting his suit and actually being sort of good and not super crazy i thought he was gonna fight um falcon both in their captain america suits which they didn't really do which is sort of sad i don't think they're interested in finding each other it's just for the shield yeah only about the shield um bucky um resolved things with that old dude he did more than that he did and he grew a lot he saved people instead of fighting which is not something he's ever done before that's true um what else happened other than that um uh yeah we got more vowels sharon is the power broker uh yeah power broker and she got pardoned at the end in the post credits which yeah you had isaiah acknowledgement oh yeah that was really good look under your seat right now there's a pardon isaiah got put back into the narrative he got put back into history that was that was actually beautiful well that was probably one of my favorite parts of seeing uh isaiah i was like i mean that's a reason that falcon becoming cap right and getting the shield in the suit and everything and accepting their responsibility and taking it on and isaiah that's why that's the focus of this show and for good reason because what's happening in real life right now right like like bucky is not doesn't need to be the folk even though he's a titch of the character like but he grew and that he didn't need to grow super far though right he overcame his thing and the rest is really about what's happening right now in the world um it's also like i feel like this finale hits a lot more considering like the verdict that just happened in the us like literally what a day or two ago so you're just like ah um yeah like yeah yeah this uh this this finale actually worked really well for me like i thought it was a really good one um uh as jay said in the um chat on our twitch bucky finally made peace and you see that uh symbolically when he's not wearing the glove anymore like he's not afraid to show that he's the winter soldier um and that uh lady thing is nobody's calling him the winter soldier like the soldiers called him sergeant barnes right everybody calls him bucky so he doesn't have that persona he was putting that on on himself well that's just yeah he he was the one that was he was putting that on and he and he had to and then at the end when he said you know it's like he was killed by the winter soldier which was me yeah he acknowledged that was me yeah if you notice in that scene he's not wearing black anymore he wears blue which is his old color yeah yeah very nice um also um i don't know if we mentioned this uh during the the watch through or during this episode but the people that wrote this series are actually going to write the next captain america movie which i assume is going to be called which is captain falcon or the black falcon no he is captain america captain america colon that was the only line i didn't like from this episode was that part where he's like that's the black [ __ ] and he goes no that's captain america i was just like stop it had to happen that's such a comic book moment too like that's the thing you see these days but the the only thing i didn't like about this whole like series i mean this episode i liked a lot and it actually saved the series for me because otherwise i just kind of was underwhelmed with pretty much the whole thing but like they would have these very serious like moments where they're like really talking about these deep themes or like really analyzing race and then there's always like one or two throwaway lines that completely like derail it and just like make it lose that impact so i'm just like you could have just not included those two lines because it's disney thing because they don't want to like take a hard stance right i know they don't they want to like bounce it out with a joke like marvel always does but also that's what they finally did and it's a very marvel thing and it's a well they did but they didn't remember like um sam had that great like amazing basically written and acted speech but that was like legit the one of the most moving things i've seen marvel do and it's like sorry man i was texting all i heard was black man and stars and stripes and i was like i know yeah and they always have like but they didn't need to do that but i kind of get it because it's also totally on brand with how these characters interact with each other like they aren't really everyone's to be as much as they're both really serious characters they're never that serious with each other yeah bucky wouldn't say that in the public eye bucky would say that to sam as they were walking away yeah yeah i liked the rest of like the dialogue in this actual episode like it finally worked for me and clicked where i was just like okay it feels like the show knows what it's doing here whereas a lot of the times it did not know what it was doing throughout so that was solid to me and that's why i was saying that the only line i didn't like was just that they had to like really say it out loud like we know he's captain america nobody would say this in real life while filming him it to me it's one of those things where it's like they went through a bunch of stuff and they went in the and then in the edit they went live let's put that there because that's going to change the beat of this scene so that this scene doesn't seem as serious when sharon is a wanted fugitive and somehow she and bucky just get away i guess yeah yeah i don't know anyway um any final thoughts on the finale before we go into the whole series i i appreciate i appreciated the payoff it was a good it was a good payoff i wish they had extended the series out even one or two more episodes just because the last two episodes there was a lot of material that was very heavy and it felt a little rushed yeah yeah they needed another episode and that's but that's also because we were just coming off of one division which had in my opinion the right amount of episodes because they were able to fully tell that story and flesh everything out so that you to almost the point where you can kind of telegraph where it was going to go because they'd spent so much time telling the story so well that you could kind of see where it was going to conclude this felt a little like a little like we need to get this done and out which part of it was they had to get it done and out because it got delayed by the lockdown last year yeah there's a bunch of rumors about like story lines that were cut and stuff like that and you can tell like some some editing like something pacing and stuff you're like this feels like it's suffered but the thing is we can't judge it on what wasn't there like we have to judge it on what we were given and this is what we were given and i think it's not as good as they could have done yeah sure i think the the reason the show's like that is mostly because they split the story between three main characters they literally made it about john walker about sam and about bucky whereas if they just would have focused on a show about sam and bucky we would have a different amount of time to cover these things but instead it was about zemo sam bucky john walker and it was like spread so far apart that it's that's why i felt like yeah we didn't cover as much ground yeah this show felt like it was laying the groundwork for so many other things whereas one division was just like we were laying groundwork for one thing which is accurate it was like okay we might get thunderbolts we could get dark avengers we could get you know like what are we going to get a solo bucky film we're going to get a cap film we're you know like yeah are we going to get a second season are we going to get a john walker movie or a series or what like and like introducing val like was episode five yeah like oh this is like this is all john walker stuff and it's like well she wasn't originally supposed to be introduced here right she was supposed to be introduced in black widow so we would have already seen her and like that's the one thing that kind of drove me nuts about the fact that they pushed they pushed this ahead of yeah oh no we lost hawk again yeah it's like because i know that she was cast in black widow i'm like i wish that they had spent the time like released the movie before this so that we could have seen her there and then when she shows up and that there's that bigger pop because you're like oh [ __ ] it's her i mean it's a big deal of who the actress is because you're like holy [ __ ] what the [ __ ] like like she's a big character too right yeah so you're just like holy [ __ ] big moment and oh man i i wish they didn't just go for that theater money and you know they pushed it to june just so that they could it sucks probably because there's a lot of contracts for that film hitting theaters right just like they did with uh whatever else whatever the wb or whatever movie was that they pulled or universal whoever was that didn't put stuff in like whatever man there was there was there were there's because movies were supposed to be theaters because some actors take cuts from that rather than you know a bigger payout up front yeah yeah well they're doing the double thing so right aren't they doing premiere with this one with uh you'll be able to get yeah yeah you'll be able to get black widow on on disney plus and in theaters right they're doing both yeah well because some places you can go to the theater like the united states and in some places like canada you can't go to the [ __ ] theater well definitely not ontario yeah it's not gonna make sense to like release it in theaters because there's no theaters open here and considering the majority of the population is here for us right like they don't count canada and the united states except in canada they just count north american box office and then world box office right that's how they calculate everything yeah yeah yeah so i mean i'm i'm not that peeved about it because i mean again they the series were booked to come out at a certain time they needed to to honor that the movies i remember like they pushed black widow back last year to this date so i kind of understand that they were like this is the new date for it but then they had to still get things out there because otherwise they have no product and they don't want to not have products that's like how they then when they first had disney plus they literally had the mandalorian and like nothing else and they banked on that like how long will this last yeah but that worked

john canceled immediately afterwards like together we're alive waited until literally one division was the next big thing that actually got people to come back on it season two well yeah amanda season two but i'm counting mandalorian is like the same okay people basically mandalorians sustained it for like two years and then finally they had something else well that's because i mean like but they did the smart thing with mandalorian because they released it all at once so it's like here it is or they didn't they did it weekly no they did it week by week yeah that's what they had to do if they were done all at once people would have been

yeah they don't do uh full releases for their new series um i think it's all week by week for every single thing that's new at least they did that with high school musical the musical the series i think they've been doing with almost all their their in-house yeah their new stuff yeah weekly because that way they can gauge numbers i mean is there anything else until ju like is there anything in may on disney plus or is it all june because we get hawkeye in june july marvel's

high school musical the musical the series season i'm not watching any of that so yeah they don't beat the beast i don't think people are going to go like bad batch will be good but people aren't going to go crazy like they did for this stuff well the star wars like the thing the star wars fans will so that's enough to sustain them through a month until they get to you know june july words and now it's everything yeah they're releasing the dark saber uh black series in may and they're also releasing the um the the bad back so i'm just going to be sitting there with my lightsaber not my license sf haven gaming excitement we also get new episodes of the mighty ducks yeah well isn't that out right now that's i think that came out a couple weeks ago so they're doing week by week um i have not checked out the new mighty ducks i assume it's it's good good yeah i i'm watching i i'm in the second movie with my kid so we're going through all the movies before we get into the series which we do which you did with one division anyway let's go to the whole series um overall um there was a lot of new things we saw in this series we got to see the normalization of some superheroes we got to see some downtime um we got the big question of how do you guys get paid which i thought was wonderful what did you guys think about that that whole normalization we get to see their their normal life i i liked that it was it was cool and not even like the just like the downtime like we because we've seen downtime before where they were at like the west coast compound or went up and like actually like i'm gonna go home and visit my family

does her shit's just [ __ ] up does she have she left okay she told her dad raised a kid with her best friend left north for 20 years came back you just haven't seen it yet that's true that's why monica's like my deadbeat dad okay carol fairfare so we haven't seen it is what i'm saying yeah not yet yet marvel too yeah a little bit and we haven't seen black widow i'm presuming will go into her life outside her little yeah ballet thing and guys anyway but no again i like the fact that they're giving us more i mean the series again they're making use of the we have some time so we're going to show you what these guys are doing when they're not out saving the universe from mad titans like sometimes you gotta go get a bank loan talk thoughts it's that no it's the aspect of the normal life of these guys that allows the series to tackle bigger issues than they could in the movies and that more homegrown personal issues um so i think overall though they may not have like knocked it out of the park the way they did with one division than that at least there's this platform that they can try and experiment with a new a new way of telling marvel's stories on and i was here for it in that um and i don't think we've even gotten into like the the action of the last uh episode that i thought some of the stunt sequences were probably the best i've seen yeah we could talk about the stunts in the whole in the whole series like i thought this definitely felt like a winter or a captain america show or a movie a [ __ ] superhero landing yeah yeah has any other than iron man maybe cap's done it no

yeah also can we just talk for a second about the fact that apparently his arm can be detached mid combat if you know the right buttons before so the thing that probably doesn't know i've heard two theory one people were mad because they're like oh she like used like [ __ ] whatever she knew like a code or whatever and it's [ __ ] that's her code or more likely she knows how to turn it into like a reboot sequence because they [ __ ] made the thing yeah they'll never work on bucky again like she knew a secret to like hey this i detached the arm yeah and then it'll never work on him again but now he probably i mean he probably knows how to take his arm on him put his arm back on so yeah but also i mean realistically given the circumstances of why he was in wakanda and when that arm got made yeah they'd have a deactivation code for it because if he was in yeah

you don't want to have him to have that arm on him anymore yeah so it totally makes sense because the only superpowered people in wakanda are the black panther like it's black panther and anyone else who has and there's no more right like that's the whole plot of the first black panther movie is there's no more of the special herb so we can't have any more black panther

allegedly i wonder why

the field where they grew though that herb was the heart shaper was gone but yeah doesn't mean they don't have a stockpile somewhere else uh yeah that's fair what'd you think of the the falcon having like some of the best flying sequences since any iron man stuff well at least i thought so i thought his his yeah i liked seeing ariel stuff again it was neat yeah it was awesome the the the cinematography just like it was perfect for it and that following him along sometimes close getting those great angles him in helicopters right yeah i think his fighting style is fundamentally different now with the shield too yes like he does not fight because he fights a lot more with the shield which is cool and now he uses the wings different like not not he uses them just as much probably but like differently we didn't get to see him fight as much before though so well in the first episode he fights a lot with it and he uses it as a shield and like for mostly like boosting himself and stuff but you're right his fight style does change once he has the shield because he knows he has that and then the wings are kind of just like maneuvering and then blocking well and the advantage of them being vibranium wings as well too and presumably he doesn't want to cut people in half with those wings yeah yeah which he probably could [ __ ] do well and i think especially too is given the fact that you know because he had that suit the suit was altered and remade for him but it was remade for him on the assumption that he is going to be captain america so he's going to have the shield is there what he did like when he deflected the helicopter and he literally dropped the shield and then the wings like basically shell yeah they came around is their favorite part of the whole that looks so good maybe we're not the right people to answer this but is there a special significance to the fact that because he's you know african-american the suit comes from an african nation to you know to shield him and like and and it's it's a very american thing right the the suit is like captain america is like entrenched even though it's like a german scientist to develop the serum and all this stuff but it's very but he doesn't have the serum so yeah that's what i mean the idea of captain america comes from a german scientist is the thing it wasn't like everybody else it was erskine it was like we need a super pet like he was like i'm going to develop the tongue to the right person you know i mean i i think that it was certainly not accidental that that his new cap suit was made in wakanda well it was like absolutely on purpose so he doesn't have the costume that was like literally tied to the us military this whole background he literally says not blonde hair not blue-eyed no super serum i am a black man wearing the stars and stripes and i'm doing this for all of my people and what we have been through like that's literally what the show's about so like they 100 that's the reason bucky i mean he was like the wakanda guys they worked on my arm so i can get them to do this too but also he's like a black man needs a good suit so like the guys from wakanda are going to hook you up with this they understand what this mantle means so who better to like make the suit for you because captain america is almost like america's black panther essentially you know and a lot of it's the moral compass of a country yeah so it's important that they have the right yeah panther gets to make actual decisions but captain america just leads right but he's the representation of that nation yeah it's one of the big ideas that they were chasing throughout this series and that is that who can fill the idea of captain america best yeah i mean itself right because i mean this the the super soldier serum only produces like a super soldier and that doesn't produce a captain america the idea of captain america you know like literally it's probably the invention of some corporation so here's here's my question can you have a captain america who isn't a soldier yeah that's yeah was yeah but you still can because have we had any captain americas who weren't from the us military though like nuke was supposed to be a captain america he that didn't work out and he was a soldier it's just like falcon's try to take up that mantle yeah yeah you know like you're not you're not going to have any reason it's always been somebody like that because if you just put someone different in there people that are reading comics are like okay but i follow this character because it's always this type of person well let's look like well because patriots not like he's not a soldier right he's seen was he not trained no they're all the young inventors i know i'm talking about the actual patriots oh patriot gotcha because he's like basically cap junior right he's not like bucky he's straight up just like this is the kid version of captain america he leads patriot no patriot was kid version of isaiah yeah yeah who's captain america well yes he was a captain america yes anyway let's go on to actually isaiah because i think his inclusion in this story was actually probably one of my favorite parts of it and hearing how the us government continued to you know experiment on people and especially based on the you know the real life story of how the us government experimented on uh black soldiers during what was world war ii yeah all the wars yeah also good that they didn't hand wave it away by going oh it was hydra or something right like they specifically say us military or us government it's not like oh do we secretly bad guys inside it's like no there's good and bad parts no they they flat out owned the fact that no that was the u.s military that did that yeah yeah that's good yeah i know i think it's super important yeah i think it was wholly necessary for them to tell the story properly yeah it added more weight to when um when sam picked up the shield i feel like i suspect that was probably in the story from the start from like the first draft 100 to bring that in 100 for sure because that probably felt like the most fleshed out of any part of the story yeah no absolutely yeah and if you're doing a story about another person taking on the mantle of captain america you're going to refer to past people who have had the mantle of captain america and considering sam is also black you had a lot of people liked the the limited series that happened that had isaiah in it which was truth yeah like this was the perfect time to introduce that that's the same way that they thought oh captain america is out of the picture temporarily so what's a better time than to throw an u.s agent in there so part parts of this is what makes me not like the show as much is that they tried to throw too many different things in at once but one thing i did like that did work was isaiah yeah well i just think they should have done like usage in a different way but that's just me personally um i i kind of liked it yeah i loved it walker but yeah i know again that was part of what i said it does i think the ending for walker is the weirdest thing is like okay somehow this guy's not he's very lucky he's not in prison and now he's almost got a promotion inside and he sort of felt like he went crazy and then just sort of like stepped back i guess yeah he just pulled it back somehow honestly like hmm i have a lot of problems with it the only thing i liked of the show for him was when he snapped and killed someone yeah killing his friend that was the only part that made sense to me and i was like i get this and he feels like john walker the rest of the show like he got all twitchy and weird and agitated right before then and he didn't even take the serum yet so i was just like why is he freaking out he'd be pissed off and annoyed at these guys because they've been arguing with them the whole way but there was a lot that like obviously why russell did a great job i applaud his work but there was a lot worth like direction for the character that i was just like can you pick what you want this character to be and like stick to it and this is where i feel like it feels like we we didn't get enough episodes for that that's what i mean like if we had one really like one more episode of just kind of developing why he started to have that i think the flashback episode would have been perfect actually somebody would go back to his because i would definitely deserve more battlestar because he was awesome yeah he was so good yeah that was the one part that i actually was genuinely like oh because i wasn't expecting battle start to like they foreshadow it so i was hoping like i was like oh he's gonna get hurt or probably die yeah and then when it did happen i was like [ __ ] like he doesn't die in the comics like [ __ ] yeah i was like yeah his parents supposed to replace john walker's family exactly yeah yeah which i guess um yeah i i fully expected him to go the uh the the way that um what's his name war machine did in was civil war when he just got super injured but nope they killed him no um yep yeah but i mean again that it made some sense because you need to get him to a point where he's going to he is going to snap and kill someone and that is really the only like the only connection he had to who he was before he was captain america that was his moral compass like right yeah exactly well yes and no because remember the whole thing like he said you know it's like would you take him like absolutely i mean it just makes you it's you it's just every time he was about to make a mistake he was the one going hey man you gotta slow your roll hey yeah breath right that's true yeah so that's why i think man if he like i'm you know it's not gonna man if he would have made a great captain america compared to john walker but that was the whole point right is that like they're not gonna let a black man be captain america so why would they give it to because it's these two survived their unit right they're the two who survived whatever hell they were in and they go well we're gonna give it to john well what what about him he was in the same situation and they came out alive and they're a team it's like well he can be his little sidekick yeah there's there's a lot that goes into that that also i just have to tell people like you have to read the comics for because i also know why they made certain decisions with this character in the show because he needs to be perceived a certain way but there's sometimes in the comics we're like oof yeah this character though yeah um so it was it was interesting to me like in the show where like oh he has a black wife oh he's very close friends with like this black sidekick and his family and oh he dies and he had that literally like oh my friend's life didn't matter to you like literally that was a black lives matter yeah he said that and i was like oh very interesting john walker is saying this who's basically white supremacist in the comics right like he's very he uh he he's a mess

yeah yeah it's so weird because after you know he killed that dude and he goes and talks to um to lamar's family and he's still like sort of crazy i assume that's just going to continue on and then apparently just you know tack welding some your medals of honor onto the back of a hubcap makes you way less crazy yeah i don't i don't understand it was it was well it was props transition back

but again props uh white russell and clay bennett for portraying these two characters because they did a good job did a really good job um because you know the internet hates white russell for betraying him like kind of annoying scream so when like they you know they break his arm or whatever and then when he when they fall like you hear his scream the three of them tumble and fall and you hear his scream over the other ones because like you know he's supposed to be an american war hero but he's also like this like he's kind of a weenie yeah right for all the [ __ ] he does you're just like man just chill the [ __ ] out things are gonna be okay he's like no like he's always throwing temper tantrums

we are now have now seen the first uh father and son in the mcu

father yep wait what who are we talking about we saw kurt russell as well oh you're talking about actors i thought you made characters the first time

actors which is you know shows yeah they stretch across generations that's that's crazy um did we talk about um valentina allegra de fontaine because i think we just started oh boy can we just we started touching there's not much to talk about but i like that she handed a card that said nothing on it yeah that is so [ __ ] her yeah yeah and julia and julia louie jarvis is perfect i mean actually you know what it was great she was like you know i could have done this maybe i did but i didn't but maybe i could what if i or did i i look forward i hope she has a bigger role in uh black widow because i just i just want to see her as soon as she said her name and i was like oh god this is going to be perfect because i was also a big fan of veep yeah she was pretty much that character it was basically like very similar characterization but like it's veep but [ __ ] madame hydra so there's an interesting thing is that john walker his handler also like it was also named val something else but also val kilmer could he be in the inside batman we get ice man in the mcu yes yes um do you think they're building leviathan do you think that's gonna be a yeah i think it might not be called leviathan but yeah probably something sinister like because it seems like they're moving away from hydra and they're going to move into maybe because we've already had russian bad guys a couple of times so why don't we have i think it's going to depend very heavily on what they call julie louis dreyfus character in the black widow movie if they call her if i would call her madame hydra they have to go the leviathan route because otherwise it'll make no sense if they call her something else or just call her val it could be whatever i would love to see sorry go ahead oh no i was just gonna say i would love to see her um meet up with nick fury because of their history in shield well that's why i was reading about super wars yeah because she's a big part of wars i forgot they were doing that i'm sure that they they're not they're doing secret invasion i thought there's no secret invasion secret invasion yeah that's why there's skrulls so many secret things but it's also weird because they already changed scrolls too yeah kind of look at these points

poor little shape-shifters maybe some of them are bad i mean you know yeah i didn't i didn't mind the change but i also in my mind was just like but hell

yeah well that's a theory is that maybe sharon carter is a skrull maybe i never thought about that no yeah also that's too many pulls for her just randomly because i know that we this is going we haven't seen the cree in the series have we are like in the mcu no just in the uh nonsense captain oh yeah yeah yeah yeah captain marvel and uh guardians of the galaxy was the first of the crew you see later on in captain marvel i know that much reason i forgot that i'm like oh yeah wait we had there a [ __ ] ton of cree in agents of shield but that's why i mean i know they were an agent of shield but that's why i was like have we seen them in the mcu i'm like yeah we kind of yeah and whether or not they want to acknowledge in the inhumans

there's a lot of things that marvel it just depends on what they will acknowledge and they already do that thing where they're like we're not going to create a specific storyline for sure but yet they'll name all these movies about those story lines and then it's nothing like it so it's like then stop naming them after the storylines yeah because if secret invasion doesn't have deadpool in a baseball diamond killing a bunch of skrulls and then like i would be willing to bet if they haven't introduced deadpool to the mcu by then they will have that cameo happen just for the people to pop when they see it i mean i don't know let's see that seems a little it would just have to be a guy in a red suit with two swords like they don't have to do like a close-up just like a sweeping shot yeah you'll see it can just be ryan's stunt double it doesn't have to be ryan oh no you didn't give up on like just the voice he just needs the voice you know ryan would do it just for the sake of doing it well he's he owns the suit right so you just take walk off owns the suit he stole the suit whatever yeah same thing he's canadian he's polite about it he is deadpool in real life i mean to be fair who would actually like if ryan reynolds stole a suit from my set like who would go up to him and be like the thing is it was his set yeah he's the executive producer

who's going to ask him like sorry ryan i need that back or i need to watch you know what i mean like in lee picked up the owner and walked off said you'd be like mr mr lee we need no you're still here you're stopping if stanley picked up mueller would be like yeah he's worthy it's funny yeah yeah i i feel like somebody would take it away from stanley though well then you hit them with the hammer yeah um the uh or like hugh jackman he takes his uh claws no uh mr jackman no no think no don't stop singing at me stop singing so apparently kevin feige's trying really hard to get hugh jackman to re to appear as wolverine he's too old he's just cool

he just wants to sing and dance let him sing and dance at this point i don't think he wants to get himself back into wolverine i don't think he need you don't have to we're not gonna we already have one just have a suit he doesn't have to [ __ ] take his shirt off though he can just wear a suit he can just he can wear flannel and he can wear a big puffy leather jacket and you'll never smoke a cigar and you'll never know and then they comb his hair and that's it and the only way i would accept him coming back is if he came back as patch that's what that's what he just never and they never actually call him logan or wolverine we just see him on a ship that was still in the magic that was one of the things because they keep calling it the patch act and there's magic like oh maybe they're related oh they're teasing the x-men and nope i mean like to be fair i actually don't like hugh jackman that guy's not wolverine that guy is like six foot four and wolverine's [ __ ] four foot eleven so you didn't like cyberpunk madrid i loved somebody literally i almost stopped watching the show because of that episode i continued and then like the end of the episode when like obviously you know i o appears you're like okay and then i'm like i'll keep watching this show but but you you get this is my uh baron zemo dance steve and eric are like the two most asian people i know and steve said it was okay so i guess it's okay seems more asian to me i was just mad about it yeah that's right because like this is like it was so many white people and i was just there were no asian people there it was very confusing that was my pr i was angry i paused it and i went where the [ __ ] are all the southeast asians

it's a city that's populated by the worst criminals in the world they're white he's right no it's literally the first thing everybody says okay but there aren't southeast asians who can be criminals too no we're literally we are we're in the ten ranks that's it no it's not a matter it's not a matter of it's that they can't it's that if if they had portrayed it properly people would have been offended because you're portraying asians as criminals like maybe they should have had less asian signs up would that have made it better so i've heard just sprinkle in general people because i would have been fine with just a couple asians they there were if you actually look at the crowds there were i have to go back war total and that's not even you can't even i counted dude but here's what you understand like we can't we can't get mad that they're making the white people look horrible and then no but the thing is like you can't have a population if you had a skeevy ass city in russia where criminals are or whatever they're all white russians like you know what i mean like you wouldn't just have like 20 asians like that look like southeast asians mind you and then like two quote look like russian guys in the background would that make any sense there's two points one is that they steve this is and specifically this is what steve said last time and he was like because of kovid they literally might have been stuck with whatever [ __ ] extras they got yeah yeah but here's all very important so apparently well that's what i said but uh apparently there's a cut subplot about a plague in this season maybe and i'm like how it makes sense that we only see white people congregating

um anyway let's move off this because we do need to talk about the the dancing man daniel bruhl as uh baron zemo um he returns and i i love him i thought he was so good he's not he's so good i wish he was in it more um um and they actually emailed him i want to see wayne see more of that i tried to do something better it didn't work and we get to see that he's actually a baron and rich i thought that was cool what did you guys think of uh having daniel bruhl come back and play z i love him so [ __ ] i'm glad that they they fleshed zemo out into three dimensions yeah i just like seeing more of the character i think that he actually has a purpose i also love the fact that he also showed that he still has reach even in his jail cell he's like luther even from the raft he still has the ability to do whatever he wants which just makes him that much more dangerous i like that he literally was able to walk out the first time and yeah bucky's explaining this theoretical situation then he disappeared so you're like okay that's exactly how it went down yeah i think it was one of those things where like we got to like you can see him being as smart as he is rather than like they kind of just said how smart he was when we watch uh civil war right it's like well everything you see happen is because of this guy and it's like yeah and then it works but at the same time how do we know he's that like can you show us somehow that he's just we're not in this show they did like he could just break out he could probably break out of the raft too like for sure insinuating the fact that he's there because he wants to be there right now probably because he wants to meet general thunderbolt ross who's in charge of the raft which means we have thunderbolts probably not so bad i love though they brought him back he's still probably he might be my favorite mcu villain from all the series more than loki yeah more than loki in that uh because like you know like how many of the villains actually won at the end of the movie

and it's not necessarily that he's just it's not necessarily that he was just a smart character in that i mean he explained that he you know with enough patience and enough time you you know you can do anything in that and i think that's kind of the core of the character uh and we got i love that we got to see so much of him and that and he was just so interesting and charming the entire time we were talking to him he was charming yeah full-time damn like we all knew like he's a horrible person like he's done so many horrendous things but damn it i wanted him to stick around more because he's so fun to watch but as far as we understand not this version of zemo this version of zemo in a lot of ways is a hero he went from semo to hero come on i think he was always supposed to be like a um motivationally complex character i think they want to make a lot of character like like sharon is is like you know gray and zemo's gray rather than um like all the captain america red skulls not but no everyone else was like kind of you know either good or bad like like bucky was a villain but he was being mind controlled so it's not his fault right like that's a gray area um you could even if you really wanted you could you could look at um robert redford's character and be like yeah the guy wants to stop a lot of terrible things from happening he's going to kill a lot of people to do it because he's an [ __ ] but you you can at least go i understand where he's coming from i don't agree with him you know kind of like thanos same thing you're like man this guy's going to kill a lot of people so that you know a lot it's terrible nope thanos's whole mentality is just [ __ ] stupid the thing about genghis khan is that he reduced coverage significantly uh do we do we want to go into sharon carter being uh the power broker or did we say what we said it's too obvious it's it's a to b to be determined they could do something cool with it but they haven't given me enough to care about it at this point i don't give us enough for it for us to care right like that's it's just and we don't know where it's go like we don't yeah we're just like i'm gonna be richer you already lived like a [ __ ] king in madrid what do you like but now she's like a king in the united states she can get a one-bedroom house now i guess and also can we talk for a second about the giant plot hole that that was created because she was the power broker because didn't she put a hit out on herself i don't remember yeah she said there was a hit out of the three of us but she was just lying i guess because that's what i mean like it's just it's one of those i'm like i feel like there's make you not think it was her but they made it so obviously her like the very first she had someone pick her [ __ ] up with the shipyard like it was so yeah i don't know anyway that's what i mean like it was just it was a little like if she would have been like working for the power broker trying to overthrow the power broker like you know even even if she was still like a bad guy but trying to like get there instead of just being like oh she's she somehow she came back from the blip she took over half of madrid and and also she could get back into the states you're telling me she didn't have enough power to get back into the state like are you trying to insinuate did she create this whole situation so that she could be a good guy in the end and come back to the states probably you gotta put up one in the good pun man but they didn't but also remembering i don't think they said that she went away with the blip i think she was just gone because of the civil war yeah i thought she yeah i thought she wasn't hiding this whole time being yeah like she wasn't like she didn't blip out she was just in building her power base and magic work because she couldn't go home yeah she was on the run yeah um said that you know like i think she said that you know it didn't end like it did this didn't end for me at the same time it didn't for you guys with the the pardon and all that she was still having to hide there was something she's some line she said when they first met her again that implied sharon carter was counted among those who were snapped oh okay fair enough oh she's even less and that makes even less but she yeah that's why quickly that's why i said like she was like oh she got blipped and then all of a sudden she came back and she's like well cap's gone so i guess i'm a jerk now how long was this after the movie i thought it was three months yeah i thought it was like pretty much how do you become the power broker in a few months mcu doesn't know what the [ __ ] it's doing sometimes i swear to god also where did she get blipped back to where where was she at the time maybe she was in magic already i actually had a cool thought uh what if you were about to die when thanos snapped you and you came back and you like wow thanos saved my life if you think about it and then there's going to be like a cult devoted to thanos because

where did you see that sharon was counted among i literally just googled it okay i don't know i would i just that that makes even less sense now that that was the case was she building it before she got blipped i guess i don't know but they were gone for five years like she also had two years beforehand so maybe she put a little something in you know put you know five dollars away compound interest seven years later we did see a lot of banking in this uh i don't know this is i'm gonna choose to not think about it because it just seems like a big stupid plot hole that makes it yeah yeah yeah uh i think they didn't know what to do with her is or alternative this could have been like you were saying if there was a storyline that was cut yeah yeah it might have something to do with that and that's why they trimmed it down for either that time or for contact because she really feels like she got the short end of the stick out of everyone here in terms of character growth and stuff like that they should have left it alone after her her little thing in madrid and that you know she had a good action sequence in it and that we you know we got into reintroduced her in that she shouldn't have maybe she shouldn't have even come back in the series that because the only thing she did was hire gsp yeah and then she hired gsp we see her talking on the cell phones ominously and that and that's about it that's how that's all they can go home they could have had her stay in madrid and just have a phone conversation with someone and been like

he's britney they could have showed a bunch of asian people that she was with i feel like it would have been asking for a normal amount of a population of a [ __ ] country you're [ __ ] in like that's all i'm asking for a realistic population i feel like in front of this place maybe they're all displaced because the blip i feel like um if sharon carter ended up working for madame hydra more so than being the power broker it would have made more sense in this series it could be that thing where she's like trying to fight like try to take over so you have like character like you know because you want two kinds of characters right characters who are trying to gain something or characters who are trying to fight change in something else right those are like the two characters we care about no no i'm sure they'll probably get into it at some point in time down the line but just not yet um yeah yeah so we're running pretty long but i do want to talk about the the the flag smashers and how we moved from a singular character to this sort of terrorist organization that sort of made sense what did you guys think of this i from the beginning was just like i don't understand why these guys are being labeled like it this is another one of those things with the show that i felt like was so weak i never at any point felt like these guys were the bad guys these guys are terrorists these are you know it's like the things they're arguing for these ideas i'm just like literally none of that sounds bad at all and that's like the whole point and they're not trying to subjugate anyone they're not trying to impose it they're literally going hey can you not kick us out from where we live we would like food governments are just like calling them terrorists i mean it's the same thing you know you watch star wars and the empire is like all these rebels these terrorists and then you're like oh but the rebels are the good guys they're doing these things and they're going to liberate everybody literally if this show was from carly's point of view she would be the [ __ ] luke skywalker of the show she impacts enough that it makes sam think about the government this way where he's like no you are wrong i mean sims said almost from the beginning he agreed with her right he was just like it's your methods that don't work but that's the thing is that that's the difference between being captain america and being carly is that she doesn't have because sam can walk up to a u.s politician and go hey man i'm captain america now guess what people agree with me and now you're gonna do this thing whereas carly's like no one's listening that was the whole point she's a teenage girl who's displaced wait a minute don't we uh don't we have a teenager that nobody like a lot of people don't want to listen to who's all about activism

she's our carly yeah she's our carly she just doesn't kill people yet yeah yeah it's the fact you put the net in there that made me go good listen she's gonna get carbon neutrality one whereas if they're gonna kill somebody like tomorrow but they deserved it i'd be like you know what they had to come in david attenborough would not let that happen

um yeah um i i like the the the flag smashers um even though they weighed they made yeah them being labeled terrorists man well but i think that again that makes sense though they were trying to make was the fact he's saying that they're not terror like they're not terrorists for asking for food and not being kicked out of where they've lived like and that's the whole thing is because again especially when it comes to public perception if you say a thing enough people will believe it regardless of whether it's right or not he was trying to say this isn't right what you're doing they aren't this yeah and a lot of the ways that young people especially are indoctrinated into like quote terrorist groups are because they show propaganda like for example

ultimate they will literally show kids be like this is what america thinks about us don't be in support of them and their things join us because they hate you they want to kill you you should do the same to that like that's literally the mindset that they teach people from like a young age so it's like of course these people are going to buy into a certain idea if you're the one causing that idea to happen to begin with exactly huck i mean and that was the thing even another thing you even saw like carly started to buy into the hype of that were terrorists she's like i don't care like to the point where like her i almost had co-workers but everyone that was with her was like well that thing there they started to hesitate they're like even they were like are we doing the right thing anymore so extreme because she was so convinced that she had to do what she had to do but it's also like she said she said she'd kill anyone who got her away and then she felt like she couldn't trust like if sam had been able to finish that conversation with her where she was starting to come to decide before she's interrupted by john walker and then she literally feels like wow you guys say one thing but then you're out to [ __ ] literally kill me like i can't trust anyone it sends her further down that path of mistrust and that's what turns her into what could be perceived as an actual terrorist exactly i agree yeah yeah uh hawk you look deep any thoughts there there's quite a quite a few good points put out there but uh yeah i thought i like the idea of decentralizing the enemy uh that was flag's master into an organization and that and the way it's perceived by the public and also was a good way of talking about another important issue in the world and that was which is immigration and border policies and the arguments at the top saying we don't have the resources and that's the crisis on top of that for sure what that was like all about for sure when we absolutely have the resources to help all these people we're just not using them well i was like i i was living in france at the time when like the germany took in a large um like population of like from the refugee crisis that was happening around the time it's still happening um but i remember people in the us were like saying certain things are like oh well like we can't take them here because we're already dealing with these things and i was literally like i went to visit like i visited germany for like the weekend and i was in the literally the town in munich where they just took in like all these refugees and all these people like oh there's gonna be heightened crime or whatever and i was like i was fine i'm happy i cried tears of joy that they took these people in like nothing bad happened i was like you guys have this [ __ ] up mindset that you think refugees or people you take in to help are gonna do these things i was like anywhere you have a highly populated area yeah there's going to be rises in crime just statistically or like everything's going to rise because there's more people there's more of a chance of anything happening but yeah yeah all right final question unless you want to say something about before i was just saying i love the fact that they they switched uh from carl morgenthau to carly i like that too and especially because like carl morgenthau was a pretty intimidating beefy dude and then you have this small unassuming young woman that is then leading the this terroristic group uh which again it just i liked the fact that they changed that i like the fact they made her like she was charismatic and powerful but you can still see that even she was trying was going through her own process throughout the whole thing which was nice to see sam says in the first episode when he gives up the shield he says like symbols are nothing without the men and women who like are behind them so the whole show was literally about like him leading what is actually captain america like it's not the shield it's the person and she's the opposite of that where it's just like this whole movement she's a person and people are following her but it's because of the movement she's like i could die people believe in this enough they'll continue without me exactly like that's the powerfulness the powerful nature of the show for sure yeah nice um last question you can even just make it a yes or no do we need a second season no for me i'm gonna say no but if it happens i mean i guess i'll walk if we did it'd be called captain america and the winter soldier yeah which i think just might be the next name of the movie yeah i think it just led to phase four stuff same way one vision did just like one and done yeah i wouldn't be a verse to a second season if it had a tighter script yeah yeah yeah i would like a four-hour captain america and and where to soldier movie that would be like really about them yeah yeah exactly yeah um yeah so he starts dating sarah that pisses off sam i forgot to bring out my favorite part he was so smart he brought dessert to the cookout he brought dessert to the cookout he did not try to make his own mac and cheese he didn't try to throw some dumbass raisins that's store-bought too he didn't make that cake he knew he bought that's a walmart cake cake and brought it but that's a small cake for that many people safely come to a cookout he's a super stronger he can carry a slab

but you don't want to bring a slab cake because then what what are you going to do with the leftover cake there's always you [ __ ] eat it matt moore are you insane there are two children at that cookout they would have eaten that whole [ __ ] cake and you know it all right all right let's uh let's throw this up to our listeners um what'd you guys think of the series let us know and let's thank our awesome friend brittany jones for coming on the show we would like to uh you know congratulate you on getting your affiliate status on twitch um so brick yeah why don't you let the fine folks know where they can find you well you can find me on all forms of social media um usually under the name vocal tombs instagram everywhere or britney tomes my normal name you'll find me um and then of course i'm on twitch as vocal tomes and i'm also on the podcast everything is permitted and a strange new pod oh our sister cast we talked about star trek uh so that's usually the places you can find me so give me a follow anywhere and i don't know i if you like we're here too see ya for geeks and kids yeah yeah geeks with kids uh we do dnd on wednesdays so you can check us out or just watch their show all the time maybe i'll show up occasionally as a guest yeah yeah yeah it's a surprise for sure um yeah well i'm gonna also give you a special shout out love for you as well because you got me this awesome birthday gift yay which is the communicator and my wife is like i don't know what that is i was like you make me sad it's like a bluetooth one it is a bluetooth one i haven't i haven't connected it because i just got a new phone charged yet i just charged it yesterday so i could play with it all day just going um so i was hoping you didn't already have it but i was like i do so it's so awesome so when i opened i was like this is one of my favorite uh birthday gifts like ever which is great um but yes thank you that was that was very kind of you and i i love it so much and uh no one in my family appreciates like i do my dad does though me and my dad are just like yeah star trek um it's so cool because it's like the closest thing to a real one i'm gonna call him one day and be like i'm calling you from the combat um anyways so um once again thanks brittany for coming on the show thank you hawk matt moore and david for coming and talking to me nerdy every other week because we're every other week and um you know we are we are on twitch we are on all the social medias we stream on mondays for fall guys we stream on wednesdays for d um our mondays are also um our podcast as well normally and i think we also fall guys on tuesday i think that's strange whenever you guys can play yeah obviously mondays and tuesdays i try to fall guys as much as possible i'm gonna also try and stream as well as as much as i can once i build my new computer my old one my my old video card is sort of it's a blower card so it's getting very loud now so you know i don't want that on the stream we'll figure it out anyway uh thank you guys all for coming out thank you all out there on the podcasting world all in the in the twitch live stream for coming and listening to us we shall see you next time good bye bye

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