July 28, 2021

170 - Variants, Aren't We All? | A look at Disney+'s Loki

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“You can be whoever, whatever you want to be — even someone good. I mean, just in case anyone ever told you different.” – Mobius


Marvel's "Loki" series on Disney+ recently ended on July 14th, but the geeks are still reeling from all the revelations on the show.  


Joined by special guests Basicwitchz and Christopher Bowen (aka Bowen the Animal), the geeks talk all things "Loki."  Where does the MCU go from here? What about Owen Wilson's jet ski? And how amazing was that ending?


Find out all this and more on Geeks with Kids.




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Christopher Bowen - https://twitch.tv/accidentalchaos69


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Christopher Bowen aka Bowen the Animal

Co-producer. Head writer. Head idiot

Just a 27 year old dumbass trying to make a dream become a reality when I started the Accidental Chaos podcast with my three good buddies; Kyle, Spencer, and Blake. We talk about all things geeky, nerdy and whatever the heck us interests us, but we’re all very ADHD, and the conversations more often than not get derailed with some wacky “side stories” if you will. I’m also a drummer, and the drummer for local Houston progressive rock/metal group Perfect Animals. Our debut EP, in my honest opinion, sounds like if Rush and Tenacious D had a baby. I’m all about rock and metal music, and is planning on launching a metal podcast on the same media platform as Accidental Chaos, depending on how well the first one goes. I’m a gamer, but like not really a GAMER. We do also have a twitch channel as well, usually headed by myself and fellow host Blake.

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