Aug. 29, 2021

172 - Pitch Meeting: Reboots with The Most Podcast

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“What do you guys think about this reboot?" - Comic Book Guy

" It sucks. I said it. Who's going to direct this $#!T anyways... Kevin F*cking Smith?" - Jason Biggs (from "Jay and Silent Bob Reboot")

It seems like every other film and TV series these days are some sort of reboot or continuation of a property we loved as children.

So guess what? We grabbed Andrew Rosas and Drew Saplin from The Most Podcast to chat about what franchises we'd like to see rebooted and how we'd like to see it done. Did we have good ideas? Did they suck? What'd you want to see rebooted?

Find out all this and more on Geeks with Kids.


Andrew Rosas and Drew Saplin are two incredible humans you may know from their work with Rooster Teeth or from "The Most Podcast" - where they explore the extremes of their lives and the lives of their friends through comical discussion and thoughtful inquiries.

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