Aug. 17, 2021

And out of the shadows... | Dead Ice | Campaign 1: Episode 7

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"There's a shadow in the corner of the room, as there are many shadows in a room... but someone steps out of this one..." 


Trapped within the walls of Bryn Shander, our adventurers find themselves on a perilous search for Artus Cimber. As all hope seems to fade, a surprise visitor greets them... 

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Your Adventurers are: 

Erik Canaria as Marcus Ren: 

Stephen Chiu as Deraleth Fel: 

Lauren McCauley as Banbi "Spindledazzle" Dawdlebreaker Rivenstone Raulnor: 

Brittany Tomes as Zanon Wildstalker: 


David as DM Dave: 


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