March 25, 2021

5 Ways that being a Geek prepared me for the pandemic.

5 Ways that being a Geek prepared me for the pandemic.

As we continue forward in our 3rd lockdown, I present to you: 5 Ways that being a Geek prepared me for the pandemic.

5. You're never too old to play.

Are you contemplating wether or not to sell your turnips rather than the rising infection rates? You are definitely not alone. Animal Crossing is having it's mainstream moment but gaming has been an escape for many of us geeks since the days of Super Mario Bros. Even the WHO seems to agree that now as the right time to game and giants in the industry have come together under the #PlayApartTogether campaign to promote this safe social outlet. Game on.

4. There are other worlds than these.

Which fandom is your escape of choice? Wether it's Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Dune or the Dark Tower. When you need a break from real life there are other worlds to visit. As a geek we already have preexisting alternate realities of choice standing by to offer us relief. Rewatching something you've seen many times is comforting and entertaining and nostalgic. Time to re-binge.

3. It doesn't have to be IRL to be real.

Do you have fond memories of a raid party that included members from different continents? Perhaps memories of friends whose voices you know but who you have never met? We can still spend time with family and friends over Skype or FB or Zoom. In fact if you're the resident geek in your family you are probably walking everyone else through this technology and helping your loved ones adapt to virtual socializing.

2. Science is cool.

Science is your friend. Have you ever fallen down an internet rabbit hole about the camouflage abilities of cuttlefish? Chromatophores! Iridophores! Leucophores! We of the geeky persuasion often find our curiosity piqued by science in it's myriad of incarnations. This means that as the discussion of treatments and vaccines and epidemiological curves gets technical we are more likely to google and wiki and learn then to shut down. Knowledge is power and I definitely know way more about the 1918 Spanish flu then I did 9 months ago.

1. With great power comes great responsibility.

Now more than ever our everyday choices can have a profound impact on others. Many if not most of us fall into the "low risk" category in this situation and with that freedom comes the great responsibility to make choices for the greater good. Like I tell my 4 year old: To protect those in danger we wear our masks. Just like a superhero.

Bonus: It's possible that you've already been prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse for a while now either simply in discussion or actually putting together a B.O.B. Now is your time to shine! Who knew sewing would be the apocalypse skill in highest demand?

Stay Safe Friends