May 3, 2017

Episode 71: May the Fourth Be With You....Always

Episode 71: May the Fourth Be With You....Always

Aaron, Marty, Mark are joined by the prodigal Szpirs as we muse about all the geeky things! International Tabletop Day - how did Szpirs get his kid into board games AND Firefly at the same time? Free Comic Book Day - how do the geeks get their lil Jawas into FCBD without blowing their motivators? May the Fourth - the geekiest day of them all! We discuss our plans, watching order, and barely badmouth the prequels at all! Tangents include Luke Skywalker's literacy level, memories of Dr. Whos past and present, and epic battles against technology! Pour yourself some blue millk and jump to light speed with this week's Geeks With Kids.

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The books Szpirs is incoherently blabbering about is this one:

...whose title essay is an expansion of this one: this guy:

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