183 - The Geeks vs Firefly: Dead or Alive

"Not that I don’t trust you... but I
don’t trust you."
- Capt Mal

Join the Geeks and their friends as they jump into their second read-a-long - Firefly's unproduced "Dead or Alive" episode.

Set on the barren world of Verbena, the crew of the Serenity deal with a tragedy that occurs during a country fair.

Read the script along with us at: http://www.whedon.info/article.php3?id_article=8136

Captain Mal - Szpirs
Zoe - Matt Moore
Wash - Markus
Inara - David
Jayne - Jenn
Kaylee - Brittany
Simon - Brent
River - Hawk
Shepherd Book - Michael

Commander Tanaka - Markus
Corporal Grayson - Brittany
Quillan - Szpirs
Jonah - Hawk
Azuriah - David
Declan Everton - Brent
Cashier - Jenn
Voice (O.S.)/Crowd Voice 1 - Michael
Angry Local/Crowd Voice 2 - Matt Moore

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