How Do You Solve a Problem Like Shatters | Dead Ice | Campaign 1: Episode 3

"I Need A Hero! I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night..."

When we last left Ellic, Deraleth Fel, and the mighty Gnome Depot, an entity left Deraleth's shield and entered the empty shell of a red dragon. Oh and Shatters is still a crispy pile of dust. What will happen to our heroes? What's up with the zombie dragon? And how do the Gnome Depot bring back Shatters?

Sorry for the audio/video quality, we're still testing things out.

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Your Adventurers are
David as DM Dave:
Steve as Deraleth Fel:
Brittany as Tai Vemana:
Erik as Finnigan Luckysong:
Lauren as Schatters Tempusneblin:

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