April 28, 2022

Why is it always snakes? | Dead Ice - Campaign 1: Episode 26

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Banbi is still pissed at Deraleth for not telling the truth of the orb when the half-elven stranger recounts what memories he has of his past. What is revealed and what path do our adventurers take? Find out on this week’s episode of Dead Ice.

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Your Adventurers are:

Erik Canaria as Marcus Ren: http://twitter.com/erik_c

Stephen Chiu as Deraleth Fel: https://twitter.com/indoskream

Lauren McCauley as Banbi "Spindledazzle" Dawdlebreaker Rivenstone Raulnor: https://twitter.com/LMcRoars

Brittany Tomes as Zanon Wildstalker: https://twitter.com/VocalTomes


David Spring as DM Dave: https://twitter.com/davespring

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